Ah, breast pump … If only there was a love-hate relationship.

For some mothers, pump care provides a night or two away from nursing or the baby. For others – NICU towers, working mothers, or mothers with breastfed babies – a pump may be the normal and even the only way to feed your baby.

Whatever the reason, we all agree that Pam ing takes some serious commitment. (We’re looking at you, Serena Williams 🙌🏾) That’s why we’ve put together these tried and true pump essentials that will make your dining journey more comfortable, efficient and much easier.

Here are some tips that every mother should know.

Spectra S1 Plus electric breast pump

Powerful, efficient and portable breast pump is absolutely essential for any new breastfeeding mother. For all these reasons and more, we love this pump. Hospital-level technology simulates suction rather than suction, and features such as rechargeable batteries for easy mobility, timers, night lights and fully adjustable suction settings precede this pump. It’s quieter than any other brand we like!

Freemasonry collection cups

Free cups

Freebies are the mother’s last secret weapon in a hand-held pump. These smart breastfeeding cups work with any breast pump and go into any part of Brazil to easily collect your milk. You can even cool the cups between the pumps in a day, which means less time to clean and more time to sweat. Good!

Third Love 24/7 Classic Nursing Bra

Even a pump mom wants practical, stylish nursing. Enter 24/7 – Seriously one of the most comfortable nursing bras we have ever tried. (And trust me, we have tried a lot.). We love the face mask and it is available in BDD, including half sizes, so every mom can find it perfect.

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The power of a natural starter kit


Pumping is stressful enough. It doesn’t have to be to clean your pump. One solution that we have recently fallen in love with? The power of nature. The revolutionary cleaning tool uses electricity to convert salt, water, and vinegar (from capsules) as effectively as bleach without toxic chemicals, dyes, and allergens. Spray it over your rooms to make it easier to get rid of and make sure no harmful residues are left. The best part? You can use it in practice Everything. Bottles, pacifiers, bath toys, table tops, diaper pads, you name it.

Lansino milk storage bags

You need a place to store all that liquid gold, and these breast milk storage bags are very strong around it. Do not waste a drop by showing reinforced sides and a double lock top seal. There is even an adapter that allows you to put it directly into the bags using standard pumps.

Haka silicone milk storage bags


If you want to go for a more environmentally friendly way, Haaka’s original silicone bags are a reusable and easy solution. The fridge and freezer are safe and can be either standing or sleeping. And they can save you hundreds of dollars in the long run.

The price is 10 per pack.

Hakaka manual breast pump


Mothers in every Facebook group swear by this little miracle. For continuous closures, add some epoxy salt and water to this hand-held silicone pump and lubricate it as follows. (Learn more about Hakaka hacking here!)

Lavi Breastfeeding Massage


If your fall, well, lowers you, massage can make all the difference. This powerful hand massage helps to reduce your restrictions and make your pump sessions more comfortable and efficient. It is designed with three different modes and several vibration modes to customize each session to your needs. Aha. This is better.

Sarah Wells Abby Breast Pump Bag


A pump mom should look good … Everything Enter this beautiful + functional bag made of Made B Pouring towers as if Mom dripping. For all outdoor and indoor business, this easy-to-clean bag features a special compartment that fits warm side pockets, comfortable leather straps and, of course, very portable breast pumps. If we see one, a pump is necessary!

(And here’s a budget-friendly dupe with lots of reviews.)

Copper pearl 5-in-1 coating

We cannot count the time we spend in the car, on our desks, or even on the plane. If you don’t find the idea of ​​pouring in public very well, well … Pump 🤣, you need something to cover it. We multi this versatile cover for style design and its many uses. It’s great as a nursing or pump cover, but it can also be used as a car seat cover, endless canvas, cart cart cover or high seat cover. And did we mention how incredibly smooth it is?

PackIt Freezable Baby Bottle Refrigerator

These bags are one of the most important things we don’t know how to live without us. No more big, heavy ice packs rolling around in breastmilk bottles – these (smart) bags have a free gel wrapped around the walls. Just fold the bag and put it in the fridge overnight, and keep it cool until ready to use in the morning. And when you finish breastfeeding + pump, they are great for narrowing down baby food, snacks or anything else you need to cool down.

Lansino’s simple wishes for a free hand pump

Without this, we can say with certainty that we will not survive our pump trip without Brazil. It’s easy to take in and out, retains its shape after a dozen baths, adjusts to fit your flexible body, and keeps your breast shields firmly in place so you can free your hands if you use a traditional pump. You pump. To save time, we recommend that you do not copy your nursing bra covers and install a hands-free bra directly on it.

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Medella’s quick clean breast pump and spare parts cleanser

The fact that you are a busy mom means you are often on the go, and you do not always have to wash your pump parts between sessions. Always have a few of these quick cleaners in your diaper bag – a broom will clean your breast shields, valves and lids. They are the perfect, easy portable cleaning solution, and they clean up high chairs, tables and even toys.

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This article was first published in July 2018. Updated.