After a training camp break, you will see many more post-camp articles. That is to be expected, and it is good, because we will be guilty of it All cardinals. It is important to evaluate the movement of players in a deep chart and describe what we can see day in and day out.

Of course, we learned a lot about players and their performance in the field. We learned that the Cardinals would be comfortable with any of the three candidates running for the right position. We also learned that Arizona will have a mystery when deciding who will receive and who will decide in their backyards.

The players on the field are very good. However, interacting with them and their coaches on a daily basis allows us to open a layer or two back and get to know them to a certain degree, at least thanks to Covid-19.

Any cardinal fan can make the trip to the State Farm Stadium and see the team during open practice or follow the media on Twitter for live updates during the week. But how do fans know what head coach Cliff Kingbury looks like? Or how good is the golf receiver AJ Green?

So, we came out of the ordinary and made a list of all the little interesting facts that we found in practice.

Unusual things we learned about the cardinals in the training camp

Buddha Baker is big on sweets. . . Two days a week

Safety Buddha Baker is one of the best in the business at his place, and he is so grateful for his constant eating habits. Baker says that from Monday to Friday, sugar is the only other healthy way to eat sugar.

When asked about weekends, Baker grew up in a candy store.

Before some big words, “I’m a big candy guy. I like candy. ”

“Therefore, like the worms. Albany Gummi Bears, Gummi worms? Get them out of the store. They are wonderful. They taste good. And ice cream. I like ice cream. (I am) a type of lactose intolerance. , So I keep it on low (b) ice cream. ”

All cardinals It cannot confirm or deny the upcoming Albanes Gumby Bear review.

Cliff Kingsbury – HBO Enthusiast

Long training camps can be worn by both players and coaches. Having more time for themselves outside of meetings and practice, the cardinals found different ways to pass the time.

On the Cards YouTube page, we realized that free time was great for playing his PlayStation 5 when he presented himself during the camp. During a press conference, Cliff Kingsbury trembled on HBO.

When asked if he had seen the series Strong keys, Kingbury postponed.

“I don’t really see that,” Kingsbury said in a statement.

“I saw White Lotus On HBO. That’s good. I don’t see Hard Knox. I (Rams head coach Sean) only saw McWay make fun of him.

The friendship between McVay and Kingsbury is certainly funny, but thanks to Cliff, we now have strong advice to add to our must-see list.

in fact, All cardinals Publisher Howard Balzer said he has seen the first three of the last six lotus scenes and wants to review them. Stay tuned!

Rondale Moore’s mother and her new home

Recipient Rondale Moore hates spending money.

So when it was time to finish his dream of buying his mother’s house, he expressed his frustration with the real estate media.

“I wanted a little bit, and I’m not sure how much you know about the housing market right now, but it’s crazy to try to find something that isn’t a million dollars and not crazy,” Moore said.

The best part? It was on the microphone while it was being recorded and recorded. Better than that? His mother had no idea about him, and now the whole world knew him.

Hopefully, Rondale called before she knew her mother.

We understand that Moore paid an undisclosed sum for the number 4 jersey, while Lee plans to change it to 14. 4. We hope Moore paid attention and we hope he gets a partial refund.

AJ Green loves love for greens

When we tried to find out what Larry Fitzgerald’s future was like, we thought the recipients in the locker room might know better than anyone. AJ Green kindly told us about his golf games with Fitzgerald, but he only talked about golf.

We talk about golf, that’s about it. Strictly golf … We only offer golf courses, ”Green said.

While we were still debating that final claim, we learned that he loved Green for golf courses in Arizona. Green says he and Fitzgerald have played a few courses, but his favorite is an illegal golf course in Scottsdale.

Since he started playing just a few months ago, Fiszrald admits he is a better golfer.

Chandler Jones of Sidlin Antics

Defensive line-up Chandler Jones is certainly second to none. Whether it’s focused on rehearsals, dancing, or interacting with fans during performances, there are very few boring times with Jones.

In the middle of the exercises, players usually relax and work on water rejuvenation or individual activities. Occasionally, Goan and safety Buddha Baker play to catch up during special team exercises.

Jones, who normally talks to fans, was seen holding his head for a few seconds before receiving a round of applause from the audience.

What’s the point, Jones caught me singing to Drake during an exercise and sang a few lines with me.

Bernard Seikovit Blad

The Austrian is popular in the narrow room. Seikovits is still practicing American culture after joining the Cardinals through the NFL International Player of the Year program.

Part of that introduction? Looking at real red, white and blue historical work.

A few weeks ago, in a press release, Seikovit said, “Maxx Williams,” this weekend will make me see the most iconic movie here. ” He makes me take notes.

Media speculation began quickly. The father of Christianity? Forrest Gump? Star Wars?

Williams confirmed Tyler Drake They watch from Arizona Sports 98.7 on Twitter. . .

Reiki Bobby Ballad of Taladega Nights.

We haven’t talked about the movie night yet, so we will update this article if we hear it.

Dennis Gardeck – Future DJ?

The three-time defensive player of the year, JJ Watt, who made his debut for the club after his first day of training with a hamstring injury, made his hopes of returning to action a reality on Monday.

It was an exciting day for everyone in the locker room, including Dennis Gardeck, who returned to practice on the same day as Wat. Gardek, who tore ACL in Week 15 last season, decided to play some tunes before rehearsing.

We don’t think wat wat tea.

“Before the exercise, he controlled the music in the locker room. It was a holiday. ” “I mean, maybe it took him a good 12 minutes to get rid of the beating. It took a while. But we got there.”

“It’s all about getting the juice,” Gardek said Monday morning.

Before the rehearsal, Gerdeck, who oversaw the music, said: “We got the juice back. We had a little fun. ” From then on, Garde watt protected the long construction for the song, as described by ADM.

He said: “You have to be patient. It is a tall building. Although it is worth it. It’s like a walk. They climb up, the view is beautiful. ”

For those curious, the song was performed by Eric Presis.

Cole Macy’s camo is expensive

Kyler Murray’s birthday falls on campus (August 7), and you know the team has something on their hands. As it turned out, Cole McCoy was involved in mocking Murain for the special day and had no clue about it.

For Mori’s birthday, the cardinals’ coaching staff set up a fake account on camo, where they recorded private videos for a certain price, and Makoi recorded a video for someone he thought was a quarter of high school.

The video was played at Murare’s birthday party in the quarterfinals, and it could be the best birthday joke that Murray and Makoi really drew.