When I first went to vegan, it was a struggle to explore food planning and preparation. I have never known a chef and I did not know where to start when planning a balanced vegan meal, so I relied heavily on pre-prepared catering services, frozen foods and departure. As a result, I ate more vegan junk food than I believed. I wanted to cook a lot of home-cooked food, but it seems impossible to find quick and easy healthy vegan recipes to prepare every week. Obviously, I needed guidance.

Luckily, I found that there are a lot of resources for vegans who need a little (or a lot) help on a meal plan. It was a game changer for me when they offered recipes that were more sophisticated, suited to my lifestyle and tasted better than anything I ate before I went vegan. If you are like me and need a little structure to start your meal plan journey, these resources may be just what you need.

($ 9.99 per month, $ 99.99 per year)

Launched recently by vegan recipe blogger and chef Sam Turbul, this recipe service is already receiving high reviews. And for good reason. Unlike other food plans on the market, this person is focused on making a vegan meal plan as simple and affordable as possible. When fully qualified, it is ideal for cost-effective, easy-to-prepare ingredients and easy-to-use recipes. There are over 450 original recipes on the site, and many are added regularly. You can filter by dietary needs, special circumstances and other helpful criteria. The weekly meal plans include a menu, diet information, and more to keep you as stress free as possible.

($ 14 per month, $ 99 per year)

Created by the creators of the famous vegan documentaries Marine conspiracy And Massacre, This vegan meal plan tool helps subscribers understand the positive effects of plant-based diets. For those who have watched the movies and immediately thought about what they can do to help make life on our planet, signing up for this meal plan is one way to become part of the solution. Users can specify how much time they have to prepare their family size, food needs, goals, and diet. The device creates a custom recipe plan drawing from over 2,000 mouthwash recipes. Once registered, users will find food trainers available any day of the week: Ideal for a meal plan or a vegetarian lifestyle.

($ 25 per month, $ 60 per quarter, $ 216 per year)

This meal plan has something for everyone. Subscribers can choose to follow a simple meal plan or a fancy meal plan, so all skill levels are welcome here! There are over 2,800 recipes in CFDG Recipe Vault and 200+ archived meal plans. One of the biggest benefits of this program is the private Facebook group. He is shaking with members who want to support each other by balancing meal plans and sticking to a plant-based lifestyle. You do not have to sign up for a meal plan to join, so any meal plans can be part of the team to find out how they feel in the store. CFDG also offers a free trial to help you browse the online classroom and determine if the program is right for you.

Vegan Food Plan Bach

($ 69 per year, $ 99 per year)

Although it is not particularly a vegan meal plan tool, Plugo offers customization based on dietary needs, so if you choose to sign up you can make the plan completely vegan. This program is focused on helping users achieve their weight loss goals more than others. One characteristic is that you are trying to lose weight, the ability to control your weight and the number of calories you need to eat each day to achieve your goals. PlateJoy will then tailor a customized plan for you based on your needs and desired results.

($ 4.99 on App Store)

The paprika app is a convenient tool for anyone who wants a little more freedom when planning their meals. Unlike subscription programs, Paprika allows you to download recipes from any of the websites of your choice or to download recipes from personalized cookbooks. Once you have entered your recipes in the app, you can create recipes and schedule your meals using the built-in calendar. You can also create a list of items you already have in your warehouse, which will help you save money and avoid wastage when buying your grocery store. This is the perfect low-budget tool for anyone who needs a little food planning without the commitment of a subscription-based program.

Deciding which way to go, eating a vegetarian diet and preparing a lot of food at home is a victory! The reward is not only in the delicious food you create, but also in knowing that you are making positive choices for your health, the planet and our pet friends.

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Photo – Carolina Rabska by Pixels, Ella Olson via Unsplash