Do you need a guarantee to achieve your fitness goals and completely change your body? DiFit Lifestyle has got the perfect custom package for you. With Shihab C. Alavi, co-founder

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Shihab C. Alavi

Co-founder, Defit

The Difficult Lifestyle offers a comprehensive personal training program that will help one get motivated to achieve their fitness goals as soon as possible. Whether your goals are to lose weight, gain muscle, or change your body completely, our coaches will go with you to increase your physical activity.

Tell us about DiFit’s lifestyle philosophy. How is it different from other fitness centers?

DiFit Lifestyle is a sports and fitness company that specializes in providing practical lifestyle improvements to its members through a variety of fitness programs and fitness activities.

Our team is made up of highly qualified fitness professionals who work together to achieve the client’s fitness goals through a comprehensive, comprehensive training approach.

A person’s goal to be healthy and fit often falls short of his or her habits or lack of motivation. The Difficult Lifestyle provides a comprehensive personal training program that will help a person become motivated to achieve their fitness goals as soon as possible. Whether your goals are to lose weight, gain muscle, or change your body completely, our coaches will go with you to increase your physical activity.

What do special training programs offer?

We have five special programs run by our professional coaches:

-One-to-one personal training

– Couple / friend training

– Online training

– Organizational training

– Diet and nutrition programs

What does Divet offer other packages / classes other than training programs?

On the day they meet with us, they testify that exercise has always been our only priority, and therefore, we have always believed in promoting a healthy lifestyle. Following the same, we have launched this wonderful comprehensive training program for all our valued clients. Under this program you will get many benefits when you work towards your body. You will also learn from some of the best coaches in the field. For example, one day you can practice yoga, then the next boxing session.

How do you ensure that the quality of training is maintained during online lessons?

Before we begin the training program, we conduct an online fitness assessment, which will help us understand the client’s current fitness status, goals, and medical background. Our team then creates a custom training and nutrition program and is assigned to the customer profile in the Diff Lifestyle app, where customers can view video shows as well as their planned workouts, including exercise, frequency, and strength. Time and duration. In addition, our coaches will review it every three or four weeks, which will help us improve the client’s goals.

There are also rooms for the kids – what do the team remember when they designed these?

Our children’s fitness classes, especially for children between the ages of eight and 15, are designed to keep children active. The goal is to build self-confidence, inspire teamwork, and allow them to connect with other children. This really helps children develop a positive attitude toward health, and at the same time helps them develop leadership skills, balance, memory, creativity and coordination. Each class teaches in an area designed for a specific activity. Your children will definitely enjoy fitness programs and unknowingly develop fitness and flexibility.

The main goal of children’s training programs is to encourage and nurture them into a healthier and healthier lifestyle and to prevent obesity in the past. Studies show that when children get enough exercise, they are able to support themselves and focus better. In addition to improving blood flow to the brain, physical activity also helps to improve their thinking. We encourage parents to plan for their children and to develop a healthy lifestyle. Bring them to us, we will create an unusual lifestyle for them and develop a key exercise experience.

Do you have ongoing offers?

We now have a 30 percent discount for all our services –

– Dh1750 for 10 training sessions (valid for 45 days).

– Dh700 Personal Nutrition Program (works for four weeks).

Are there any new services / programs / units to be added soon?

Yes, we are here to help you achieve your fitness goals this year through the DiFit 6×6 training program. This program is also cost effective with low budget and qualified coaches.

Get the results of your workout by attending only one session a week with the combination of the Difficult Cross training system and the 6×6 program. There are 168 hours a week and you only have to give us one. Want to know how it works?

The DiFit 6X6 comes with the following

– Proven fitness results

– Personal exercises to train several times a week.

– Personalized food programs.

– Three special stages of the special program.

– Deft’s only initial fitness and body analysis.

– Personal DiFit account to track progress.

– If you have any questions, your personal trainer is available 24×7 to help you.

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DiFit Lifestyle answers your FAQ

Personal training

Can I take a small package to try out all the special experiences?

Yes, even in a small package, you can find different training variations. For example, try a boxing session and go to a yoga session or swim in the next one and so on.

Can I train in my gym or home?

Yes, if your gym allows you to use personal trainer services. Otherwise, our team will suggest alternatives to the DiFit Lifestyle.

How effective is your training?

Our coaches are fully qualified and registered with the Dubai Sports Professionals (REPS) Sports Council. The Difficult Lifestyle Training Method consists of three stages, with three to four weeks of training, performance monitoring, and diet plans at each stage.

How do you monitor growth?

DiFit Lifestyle Regular personal training program begins with a comprehensive fitness assessment and three-step follow-up to understand your progress. To view the results in real time, the customer can download the DiFit Lifestyle mobile app.

Do you offer a diet and nutrition plan?

Yes, diet and nutrition are key to achieving any fitness goal. We offer customized diet and nutrition programs for your needs, diet and lifestyle preferences.

Can I pre-order the sessions?

It is recommended that you reschedule your sessions to avoid frustration. Pre-booking also provides attention and motivation.

Do I need to buy any equipment to train at home?

Only if your training requires special equipment. Trainers often carry standard training equipment with the necessary training equipment.

Can I train with a friend, family member, or coworker?

Under Diffany’s lifestyle policy, you will need to pay Dh25 as an additional fee to add someone else to the session.

Can I buy a package as a gift for someone?

Yes. The package is only activated when the person starts training.

Online training

Do you offer free online sessions?

Yes, we offer a free trial or review session for new customers.

Do you offer one-on-one virtual personal training sessions?

Yes, we offer face-to-face online training sessions, including diet and nutrition plans.

How effective is your online training?

Our team has developed hundreds of indoor fitness programs that meet your fitness goals at different levels – beginner, intermediate and advanced. Our coaches are fully qualified and registered with the Sports Council of the Republic of Dubai. The Difficult Lifestyle Training Method consists of three stages, with a three-week training course and follow-up process through each mobile app and diet plan.

Do you take online fitness reviews? how?

Yes, we have created an online review design to assess your current fitness level. There are four components to our online assessment – body composition, fitness test, circle test, posture assessment and movement test.

Do you take any diet reviews?

Yes, we take effective measures in the early stages of treatment, including medical conditions, eating habits, food allergies and intolerances, and your lifestyle.

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