Linn When I started my transition in 2019, I was frustrated with limited research and information on proper nutrition and psychological well-being. My own medical professionals, despite their full knowledge and support, could not begin to cope with the diet.

When I start doing my own research, I can count on the number of scientific studies on nutrition for the trans community or related scientific literature.

And it’s a good diet Critical For the trans community.

Whitney Lensenmeier, PhD, Ardi, spokeswoman for the Academy of Nutrition and Nutrition Assistant Professor at St. Louis University, says: Nutrition may play a role in all of these factors.

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The transition process may require inclusive physical and mental change. Everyone’s transition process is different, and not everyone decides on hormone therapy, but for those who do, this can lead to additional challenges.

For just one example, according to a 2020 study, hormone therapy may cause a slight weight gain, but few study participants reported a 40-pound weight gain during the transition. As the body works to adapt, these broad changes meet certain nutritional needs.

Vanessa Riseto, MS. , Ardy, CDN, New York Food Research Director and Colina Health Associate echo: “The fact that we do not yet have studies on how hormonal therapy affects the dietary needs of the LGBTQ population is significant. We have no indicators and I do not currently see any funding for this study.

why? “Limited to registered nutritionists, the reality is that training for transgender people nutrition is rare in our formal education,” says Lensenmeier.

Without an emphasis on education, registered nutritionists may be “blind” to transitional dietary needs. And then there are other confusing reasons, Lensenmeier.

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It is violating a good line of cultural privacy, and researchers may seem to be too intrusive to study the subject. There may be political implications for those involved in scientific research. Whatever the reason, the idea that there is no safe place for a general group of people to turn to for guidance is shocking.

A personal account

As a person with a history of malnutrition, which manifests itself in the form of orthoraxia and dementia, I can confirm the impact of malnutrition on a person’s health.

If I move, and I find new love for the person I am, I realize that food and self-esteem are two irreplaceable elements in the transition process. At 100 pounds (I am about 5’6) very sick, my body stopped producing hormones Any Kind.

I have come a long way and I am now in a healthy weight for my height. However, since the age of 25, my past life, including osteoporosis, has been experiencing health-related consequences (I am now 30 years old, and I have limited ability to increase my bone mass at this stage of life), kidney and liver damage, anemia, infertility and many more.

There are times when I am easily scared, because my symptoms are not clear, and I can only walk to a certain extent. At this point, I can only move forward as actively as possible to prevent further damage.

Nutrition is more than just food

When a minority group feels isolated, they find it difficult to defend themselves. As a Transman person, I found that in my own speech, I hit the plaintiff’s tone and pushed myself in. I have heard similar stories from others in the LGBT community.

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This process made me decide that I was worthless.

Food is a way of communicating with ourselves and others, a personal experience that is directly related to emotions and physical well-being. Food contributes to memory, concentration, emotions, and can alleviate emotional traits such as anxiety and depression.

This is due to a number of key dietary factors, including diversity, malnutrition, malnutrition and balance. By maintaining these habits in a flexible way, my body can perform better by producing the hormones and mobility needed to stabilize my mood, blood sugar, fluid balance, and more cognitive processes and emotions.

Call of Action

Going forward, we must meet the needs of the transgender community. As teachers, we need to create a comfortable environment for those minorities to reach out to us and express their concerns. We must acknowledge that it is not being done enough and take steps to change it. Says Riseto. We can’t just sit and point our fingers, and we can’t talk, I’ve done my best.

I could not agree more with her feelings. It’s not a discussion of who should do it, it’s a discussion of what we can do to help now.

“My research and clinical practice centers are centers for transgender people nutrition, but the reality is that I am a cynic and I have a different perspective from an alternative or binary nutritionist.”

With this in mind, creating a curriculum that connects syllabary and transgender professionals would be a good start. Establishing a specific dietary organization that meets the needs of LGBTQ will be even better in their actions and in the local area.

This should be more than a conversation.

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