These are the best nutritionists and sport performance coaches in Hong Kong

It’s easy to get caught up in the festivities and joys of nature during the last few months of the year – but that doesn’t mean you have to wait until the new year for health and fitness. Hong Kong is home to some of the best nutritionists and sports coaches on hand to help you create lifelong experiences.

Christmas construction, big birthday or simply epidemic fatigue (we are with you), there is always Something It can put brakes on those health and fitness goals – but just because you’re happy doesn’t mean you have to ‘start Monday’ or wait until your social calendar is over. Sometimes, a little guidance and accountability can go a long way in helping you stay focused. Regardless of your goals, we meet some of the best nutritionists and sports coaches in Hong Kong to tailor a plan that suits your needs, help you get that competitive edge and feel more comfortable in your own skin.

Work with the best nutritionists and sports performance trainers in Hong Kong

Come Performance – Luke Davy

Image of NU Performance

Best for: Evidence-based sports nutrition and performance training

Founded by Hong Kong Rugby Athletics Chief Luke Davy, Nu Performance works with its clients to provide quality and suitable sports nutrition programs and strength and fitness services to international athletes and amateur athletes from Hong Kong. With over 10 years of experience in the field of specialized consulting, Davy’s independent services work with you every step of the way to improve your competitors and provide a real, strategic approach to health and fitness.

Provide custom packages that include lifestyle, health and weight loss support to advanced sports-oriented strategies and competition planning. Davy also provides academics, world-class strength training and strength training to target performance, disability prevention and body composition goals. Whether it’s training for the Hong Kong Marathon, or if you’re up for grabs during the sport, Davy’s evidence-based approach to nutrition and performance can help you strategize and break down personal goals — no matter how desirable.

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Unlimited Health – Trisia Yap

Trisia Yap
Image courtesy of Trisia Yap and Unlimited Health

Best for: Practical treatment approach to health and exercise

Trisia Yap, founder of Limitless Health, one of the few medical professionals in Hong Kong, strongly believes that “everyone should be strong, competent and healthy with a plan that suits their lifestyle.” Instead of setting goals, she is empowered, and her practical treatment is not focused on ‘transformation’ to health and fitness, but on good health at the cellular level. In this way, Trisia helps individuals identify dietary gaps, deficiencies and gain in-depth knowledge of the intestine, adrenal, thyroid, liver, cellular health and balance hormones. Each plan uses follow-up blood sugar control and clinical laboratory tests to identify the exact cause of the problem and tailor the diet.

Tricia’s approach to change of practice, motivation for interview and proven science – as well as years of practical experience – is evident in the combination of health training.

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Developer: Millions

Mi Michel Lao Diet
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Best for: Infant and prenatal nutrition, as well as weight management programs

A certified dietitian and nutrition educator, Michel Lao works with her clients to focus on practical and flexible solutions to achieve goals and help them get the most out of life.

Michelle’s approach to nutrition stems from her deep belief that “we are what we eat” and her way of eating, which paves the way for weight loss and nutrition to create lifelong healthy habits. The unique, full-fledged, full-on, smart-training, live-in slogan for children and prenatal nutrition and weight management hopes to inspire you to have one sweet bite at a time.

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B-Fit the Wright Way: House Wright

In Hong Kong Bets the Nutritionists B Fit the Wright Way
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Best for: A lifestyle-oriented approach to health and nutrition beyond nutrition and fitness

Hong Kong-based lifestyle, health, nutrition and accountability coach Betty Wright’s approach to health and fitness is more than a hit. By working closely with clients to achieve balance, home plans go beyond dieting to working with you to create a sustainable, appropriate lifestyle that fits into your daily routine.

If you need daily or weekly support and accountability, B-Body will develop a unique community that will not only offer discounts and benefits to some amazing health and safety brands, but will always be supportive. ‘Off’ days and share delicious recipes with each other.

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