The study, published in Ingredients, Lina Begach, PhD, Assistant Professor of Health and Health Studies at Binhamton University.

According to Gadcha, a registered dietitian, there is growing evidence that diet plays an important role in improving mental health.

“We need to consider different diet and lifestyle changes based on different age groups and genders” She said. There is no one healthy diet that works for everyone. No repairs.

Begachew, for his part, said mental health treatments should take into account the differences in brain structure between young people (18-29 years) and adults (30 years or older) as well as men and women.

“Neurogram studies show differences in brain morphology between men and women (differences in brain structure density and size) and brain maturity between adolescents and adults. This imbalance contributes to better brain function (we must eat it because it contributes to body and brain structures). He explained forcefully NutraIngredients- America.

The study

In these four subgroups, the researchers conducted an online survey to look at food intake, eating habits, exercise and other lifestyle factors. Over a five-year period (2014-19), more than 2,600 participants completed the survey after responding to social media posts promoting the survey.