Madras Courier - Quicquid Agunt Homines

At zero, I arrive at the ‘Government Quarantine Institute’ from India on VV-19 ‘Red List’ by the British Government. According to the law, those from the country on the red list must pay and be excluded for ten days in a government-approved hotel or other facility.

The bus took an hour from the airport to a neighboring hotel; We obediently waited for the bus to find a driver willing to take us. As soon as we entered, we were escorted to our rooms by a security guard; We are no longer allowed to leave our rooms except for a short walk. A security guard is seated at the end of a lighted corridor assigned to enforce this rule. It was afternoon and I fell asleep because of the fatigue of the trip.

The next morning (day one) at 7:30 am, knocking on the door indicates that breakfast has arrived. The brown bag is left three times a day with breakfast, lunch and dinner. Today’s breakfast is apple, grazing individual box, a small carton of apple juice (made from concentrated), and American pancakes with a teaspoon of strawberry vinegar. This is breakfast for the next ten days, although there is a difference in ‘hot option’, unfortunately, it is never hot, sometimes warm, often cold. American pancakes can be replaced with muffins, donuts or other sugary alternatives. The 70 grams of sugar for breakfast is twice the daily allowance for adults; It may be difficult to identify these, but it may have listed other food benefits in the “balanced menu” for our kitchen.

I will call security around 11:00 pm and ask him to accompany me for my walk. I went down to the car park. Describing the scene as one of Gilead’s events is not cruel or exaggerated. A car park is like any other car park. It has a grass bank on the left, and on the right is one of the main thoroughfares of Heathrow Airport. Directly to the left are the heavy concrete building, a large rectangular meeting center similar to the hotel, with unarmed sharp corners in front of it. In the low-rise building near the entrance, the fragrant Lavanden shrub, and Campanula Poscharskiana (“Stella”), with its eyes shining bright purple-blue flowers.

The car park is guarded by security guards at every corner or escape route. Guests: Prisoners, let’s call them ‘guests’, because ‘guest’, because someone is visiting their free will, and this does not apply to us. The couple were walking around the car park, some slow, some fast, some running. A few women in hijabs sit on the grass bank. There are men, women and children of all ages in the car park. Most are of South Asian descent. The sign at the entrance informs us that we have fifteen to twenty minutes. Deciding adults on this dystopia is a dangerous condition. Damaged for children.

The security guard who escorted me back to the room (modified in the letter) kindly allowed me to enter, saying: This, in turn, alleviates my anxiety over ten days of immunization.

Dinner came at 6:00 p.m. This is a mushroom and gherkin stroganoff; Fortunately, the Greeks were not elected. On the third day, noodles are sent with vegetables in an orange glove, which looks and feels like industrial glue. It is difficult to choose the winner between this and the yellow glove glue, and the sweet soup mixed with potato and soup soup with the bright glove glue. My petitions to the kitchen to improve the food level were often in vain, although in return, I sometimes sent twice the amount of fruit and roast.

Days pass, breakfast, lunch, dinner and a walk around the car park. In the car park, I go to the usual time, go anti-clockwise and never go clockwise. Especially on busy days, I think organizing a car park in three lines is similar to having to swim in elementary school; Fast, medium and slow. It’s annoying when coaches slow down and force me to take a wrong turn around the rectangle. Sometimes, it is a hot, sunny summer day — and the sky is ocean-blue. It looks like a car park on a gray and rainy day. Lunch time is landing at the airport. Flights take off or land every five minutes. The cry is deaf; I wonder what each of the planes does on the star drums as it goes up or down, everyone trembling with shock.

On the fourth day, there was breaking news for the couple. The government will move from the “Red” countries – India, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar – to the “Amber” list on Sunday, August 8, at 4:00 a.m., which means they can now remain neutral. Their own homes.

For those of us here (when we felt a little more anxious to escape this test for a few more days, or at least consulting a Covi-19 prophecy to scan), the only break was in our backpack. Strings, two adults and two children each cost 7 1,750 to 3,050. For unknown reasons, this has now risen to 28 2,285 and, 4,365 respectively.[1]

Neutral Wise[2] It has raised concerns about the costs and standards of managed quarantine. However, this method is not clear, even if it is improved right now Ideal for reducing the risk of transmission from infants; If done on time, it may have helped stop the delta. Information from the Collaborative Bio Safety Center[3] Used to make the latest decision, India has a turnover of 1.5% compared to 3.3% for Mexico. Is this enough to guarantee hotel and home isolation?

There are other reasons for serious differences, but this is not the case for all “red” countries. If a passenger had a negative test three days before the departure (proof is required before boarding) and a negative check on the hotel on the second day of departure, would it not be reasonable to complete the rest of the neutral house? The public accepted the plague as an important solution to the epidemic, but in this “prison” isolation, rights are being curtailed and the level of normalization is very disturbing. Where do we as a society take the line? England is now ‘open’ and life seems to be back to normal. With quarantine facilities that limit the number of travelers each week, life is normal.

The fifth day is half the point of this external experience. On the sixth day, I was forced to believe that I had been engraved on a mountain of food and plastic waste, and I wrote a letter of complaint to the Department of Health and Social Welfare. Everything is packed in plastic, and the wasted food feeds Hounslow all week. Unopened whole cartons of milk, bottles of sweet water, sweets, apples, oranges, half-eaten lunch, dinner, etc. On average, one guest eats four bottles of water every day, using six plastic containers; 40 bottles of water and 60 plastic containers in ten days. Mena informs me that there are 900 people in the hotel, they produce an amazing 36,000 bottles of water and 54,000 plastic containers. This is in addition to unused salt and pepper bags, clear packets and servings.

Today is my last day at the hotel for ten days. I realized that it was possible to walk around a car park for an hour lost in an idea, but buying, walking, even though it was a hot summer day, felt lifeless. I go for a last walk around the car park and smell the lavender.


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