‘I think sports can provide a framework for how to lead your life in the future’

The long-time teacher and coach at Lo-Elen Park High School was recognized nationally for his contribution to athletics.

Colin Ward received the 2021 Men’s School Sports Coach Award from the Ontario Coaches Association. The award went to two-time world champion and Olympic Perdita Felisien on September 17.

Each year, Ward builds the level of participation, fitness and technical skills of the athletes in his care. For him, one of the most exciting things for coaches is to introduce students to sports and see them as their passion.

“It was exciting to see so many students grow and change,” he said in a statement.

Track and field and cross-country running for the past 22 years, and Nordic skiing for the past seven years, have inspired sports to gain the skills necessary for the sport’s life. In outdoor education, technology, and personal fitness, teacher commitment to student well-being extends beyond the classroom.

Education Director Bruce Burgett said in a statement: “I would like to thank Rainbow District School Board for its long-term contribution to athletics.” “Colin Ward is a great role model for students. He deserves this regional recognition.

Ward Successful high school faces the challenge of building athletic programs. He has contributed to the Ontario Federation of Athletics Associations (OFSA) in the area. , And In 2015, he was the parking manager for Nordic Skiing.

He spent five years as chairman of the Crossroads High School Athletics Association (SDSAA) and Northern Ontario High School Athletics (NOSSA) in cross-country running and Nordic skiing.

For his enthusiasm, patience and exemplary guidance, Ward is highly respected by students, staff, parents / guardians and colleagues. A.D. In 2015, Rainbow Woreda School received a Board Award for outstanding contributions to the joint education program.

When sports events were canceled due to Kovid, Ward successfully organized cross-country competitions for local athletes with health and safety protocols.

“It is remarkable that Colin has been given the opportunity to participate in athletics and coaching during the international epidemic,” said Pam Potvin, a principal at Lo-Elen Park High School.

This is a testament to Colin’s continued commitment to athletics.

The completed consultant, Ward, can often be found helping athletes from a variety of rainbow schools.

“My philosophy is to focus on the athlete, no matter what school he or she wears,” he said. “I aim to develop ‘the whole athlete’ by emphasizing behavioral development and responding to the physical and nutritional aspects of the sport.

“I think sports can provide a framework for how you can lead your life in the future. The skills you gain as an athlete, the determination you express and the feelings you feel – you can take those lessons forward in whatever you do in your life. If you can come to life with the same emotions, you can succeed in whatever you do.

The Ontario Coaches Association honors the commitment and commitment of individuals like Colin Ward to increase their love for sports. Coach excellence awards recognize the importance of leadership and performance as well as the value of human intelligence needed for great training.

Check out Colin Ward’s episode of the Coach Excellence Award below: