Tamil Nadu Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India SafeGuard family announces the launch of SafeGuard Family in the Defense Professional Industry. The company is focused on providing comprehensive health care packages tailored to the needs of individuals. The Sefgard family has a team of certified health coaches. Similar to medical assistants in the United States, unfamiliar identification of health coaches. They perform basic tests, understand health needs and then proceed to the required tests. Every health trainer is a qualified dietitian who is qualified for health care counseling and emotionally connected to the elderly. They are also skilled at analyzing the appropriate intake of medicines, ordering counts, recommending the right diet, and correcting erroneous kitchen practices. The health coach connects the client to the SafeGuard Family Doctor online consultation. After each visit, the family doctor reviews the laboratory results, discusses with the relevant specialists, examines the client’s various prescriptions, and offers a ‘unified order’. Medications are certified, packaged and delivered by hand to the customer. All medical reports are digitized to Health Vault and this information can be accessed at any time by the client or family members. The algorithm in Health Vault monitors the health of each customer. The Sefgard family facilitates a holistic approach. To name a few, they discuss physical and emotional health, diabetes and blood pressure management, post-surgery or post-illness care, menstruation, and maternity care. Nutrition programs cover the nutritional needs of the elderly, infants, pregnancy, cancer care, obesity and diet management. The online psychology team deals with ADHD, depression, loneliness, and anxiety and safely and confidentially covers the needs of children, teenagers, adolescents and the elderly. All of this, from the comfort of your own home. In his opening remarks, Dr. R. R. Yaarapakash, a renowned cardiologist and director of the Family Safety Department, said: People with non-communicable diseases want to avoid hospital visits. They now need treatment at home and we are able to provide this because we use the most advanced medical technology in our improved preventive home health care program. Family members living abroad can always consult a doctor or get medical records from loved ones. The lives of their customers. This is the key to a healthy society. They take great care by building a team of well-trained professionals from various health departments. The Safefard family goes beyond basic laboratory services and focuses on the needs of one-on-one screening, diagnosis, treatment, physiotherapy and counseling. “Instead of treating individuals who are ill, we are leading the way to health, prevention, safety and home care,” says COO, Mr. Digvijay Sirinivas. In the past, when we said we needed to treat the disease in a healthy way, many experts may not understand. But that’s what the community wants and that’s what the SafeGuard family offers. For more details, please visit safeguardfamily.com


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