Tampa, Florida – Tom Brady looked down and extended his right-hand throw. The 44-year-old sits on the porch of the Buccaneer Training Center, waiting for the most cherished wishes, and wraps it around like a genius lamp.

Now in his 22nd NFL season, Brady’s arm is about 46 miles and has passed football for 591 touchdowns. He also won seven Lombardy trophies.

But persuading him was not always easy.

“I have had hand pain all my life,” says Brady. “I grew up playing baseball. My arm hurt. My knees hurt every day. high school. College, after football I always had to ice my elbow. I had tendinitis.

“I am now in the holding room every day. I see what everyone is doing. I see every gadget, and I look at them and I go. That doesn’t work. ‘Because I see what they do and how much time they spend and then the reflection on the field. And here I am at 44 and I can still throw the ball like 24 and with a little pain too. ”

How will Brady, the veteran player in the NFL, win his seventh Super Bowl in his first year as Bucs quarterback? How can he throw 10 touchdowns in the first three games of this season and help the Buckews to set a league record by scoring at least 30 points in nine straight games?

Brady points out his 15-year relationship with Alex Gurero.

Brady, a 56-year-old California supporter of alternative medicine, was coaching veteran linebacker Willie McGinstein when he first needed help with a sore arm during his NFL career.

“I could not do without him,” said Brady. “It’s a great team work. Just like quarters and receivers have bonds. If the receiver cannot hold or open the ball, it is not really good. It’s not good if the recipient goes the right way and can’t quit for a quarter. ”

Guerrero is Brady’s coaching and business partner, working with him to build a comprehensive approach to training and rehabilitation.

Brady first came to Guerrero with a sore ankle. Then it was calf stress and finally a sore throat that landed on the damaged reserve.

In 2006, Gurero said of Brady: “They went in and wanted an abduction operation. He returned to New England, no longer had a sore throat, and never did.

“Okay, this is for me,” he said. ”

When Brady made his final debut for the Patriots, he suggested that the six-year-old’s choice of Logan Ryan to close the gap on the Tennessee Titans two years ago could be the end of Brady. In fact, some have said that they should retire so as not to damage his inheritance.

Instead, Benjamin’s button seems to have reversed the aging process as the backstrokes add more chapters and grow with Books for the second time.


The first TB12 sports clinics opened in Foxborough, Masa, near Gillett Stadium. The second is in Boston.

The third facility is just one mile from the Buccaneer training ground in the Blue and White Stuco Building on the Armenian Street, called the Midtown Town Professional Center.

Brady and Guerrero spent time together in this building and beyond last season, stabilizing the torn ligament in Brady’s left knee.

At about 11:30 am, Guerrero began to help him get ready for his knees. Occasionally, Brady wears a support bra.

When they first started working together, Guerrero said it was bad for Brady to lift weights, causing him to strain muscles and increase his risk of elbow problems. They used flexion techniques to lengthen the muscles in his arm and make it more flexible.

Brady prefers to work with opposition bands instead of lifting weights.

“When people are hurt, they go to the doctor right away,” says Brady. “But the doctor is trained in surgery, mostly. And they believe that the problems can be solved surgically.

“I have had many surgeries. But in my opinion, I want to do everything I can to avoid that. You can fix something, but after Alex started working on my elbow, I said, ‘What can we do to prevent this from happening again?’ We had to be really alert to help care for ourselves.

The TB 12 system, which has produced a best-selling book, is constantly evolving.

Guerrero explained the mission statement:

“It’s a place where sufferers do what they want to do when they want to get out of pain. I have always felt that the only reason why professional athletes are not able to maintain high performance is because their bodies do not adapt to their minds. But if I can keep their bodies in line with their minds, as they get older, the game slows down.

If I could help people get sick, they could do whatever they wanted.

Brady brought more than just a win for the book. His work ethic, eating habits, and preventive treatment influenced teammates.

Half of the players on the roster – Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, Antonio Brown, Scott Miller and Rob Groncoskin – regularly attend training and rehabilitation sessions with the center’s physical trainers.

And the Bucs are blessed.

At the end of Brady’s New England season, Patriots coach Bill Bellichk barred Gurero from entering the team’s facilities, except to work on Brady’s arrival in Gondar and on a flight.

Although Belichich did not give an official reason for the action, Boston magazine published a series of articles on the Federal Trade Commission’s out-of-court complaints and fraud allegations against Gerro. Before collaborating with Brady, the magazine stated that Guerrero had been sanctioned by federal regulators for “falsely presenting himself as a doctor and cheating on dietary supplements.”

“New England was a great experience for us. I have nothing but good things to say. I had a great treatment. We are all close friends, ”said Gerero, refusing to comment on the magazine in particular. “I think there were fictional stories. …

“I never wanted to get involved. He was not going anywhere. It only caused Tom so much trouble in my mind and he had to answer more questions. Our focus is on one thing. Winning soccer games. ”

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An hour-long session with a TB 12 trainer is $ 200. The Patriots initially paid players to use TB in New England, but the books refused to say who would take them to the team tab.

Evans, who suffered an ankle and ankle injury last season, was a permanent resident of the Tampa facility.

“Even before you are injured, you are receiving consistent treatment,” says 28-year-old Evans. “It’s defense. When they hurt, they can help you get back into shape. Not reaching that level.

“I love it, it’s kind of new to me. It is like a massage, but you are awake when you do it. It stretches you and you feel really good. We’ve had a lot of injuries over the last year (book players), and we’ve had a lot in TB12 and they’ve made sure we play.

A.D. Miller, who is struggling with a hip injury in 2020, agreed to work with TB 12 staff and said, “It gives us a great opportunity to stay healthy.”

Players like Evans have also changed their bodies by adhering to many TB12 dietary principles.

Brady diet 80% alkaline (mostly fruits and vegetables) – foods that help reduce inflammation in the body – and 20% acidic (meat, grains and dairy products, etc.). He struggles with balance all day long.

It’s not uncommon to see Brady eating on Thursday or chewing on organic snack bars. It is also known that they eat 30-55 almonds a day.

Watering is a major component of the TB12 lifestyle, and Brady drinks approximately 112.5 ounces of water, which contains electrolytes every day.

Sleep is essential for recovery, and Brady plans to go to bed at 9:00 pm and get up at 6:00 am without alarm.

“In every article, I think people read and write about us, they say that the lifestyle is very difficult,” said Gerero. “Not really. He is truly moderate in all things. It doesn’t matter if Tommy wants to sue. We always do. If you are going to drink, you only have six. If you want to have pizza, you don’t have the whole pizza. You will not receive it for three days in a row. ”

Evans often struggles with fatigue when he arrives at a training camp weighing around 0 240. This year he dropped to 225 and said he did not miss practice.

“I have not cut anything completely,” he said. “I say I eat a lot and stay hydrated. I drink a lot of water. ”

A.D. In the 2011 Jaguars’ 10th general election, Bucs backup quarterback Blaine Gabbert, knew something about longevity in the NFL and kept himself in impressive form at 31. In fact, as a backup, he has only played in five games since 2018.

Nevertheless, he included TB 12 in his sports experience.

“At any time in the National Football League, you can see a person playing for 22 years, he speaks for himself,” said Gabbert. “That’s crazy, isn’t it? It was the biggest thing I tried to apply for TB during my vacation this year, just like what Brady did, how he took care of himself, how he ate, how he worked as a maintenance worker. Even though it’s my 11th season, I still feel young, that’s great. ”

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Brady’s trip to Tampa Bay always included Guerrero.

Former Patriots host Julian Edelman once said Gurero Mr Mijaji to Bardy in a karate kit for Daniel Laruso. Guerrero is the son of Brad, the son of Brady.

Books gave Giroro unlimited access to their facility. He works closely with coach Bobby Slater and team science director Dave Hamilton.

The team does not allow the media to access their training staff. But general manager Jason Leach Books has confirmed that he is happy with Guerrero’s work.

“Tom and Alex have had a long and important relationship, and I’ve known Alex since I was in New England,” said Leacht, a college scout and assistant director of staff. . “In addition to the excellent care that some of our players receive here from our coaches, doctors and the entire sports science department, it is great to use Alex as an additional benefit. Providing the best medical supplies to our players is a priority and we are happy with the situation. ”

And they are in search of another Super Bowl title. But it is not enough for Brady to wear rings on the fingers of his teammates.

As for the fourth quarter, he is mostly competing with himself. With the help of Gerero, he is pushing the limits of how long he can play as a champion.

“We worked together because I could play this way,” said Brady. “I still feel that way. It is only strengthened year after year. ”

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