Thanks to the vegan diet, we are not overweight or obese. The number of plant-based athletes and trainers proves that, and it is now common in the fitness world for many people to opt for animal proteins. That largely depends on the popularity of such scenes. Game changers Show amazing athletes doing amazing things while driving alone.

But that doesn’t mean you should simply cut out all the meat and dairy products and don’t think about dieting again. If you exercise regularly, you need to consider your diet, regardless of your lifestyle. If you are looking for veganism, who is better to ask than to eat plants and maintain them?

It’s about quantity and quality.

Yes, it is important to eat enough protein. Yawning. But it’s not just about how much they eat, says Nicolas Adams. The now-retired Olympic boxer has turned to vegetarianism over the past few years and her adaptation has brought some lessons. “It’s easy to forget that the quality and consistency you drink is just as important,” she says. Statistics. “When it comes to milk, soy is where I go because it is ‘full of food’. All nine essential amino acids – protein building blocks – must be inactive and healthy.

Nicolas Adams wraps boxing gloves in her hand
Nikola Adams maintained a plant-based diet.

Microelements are just as important as macronutrients

This goes for everyone – not just vegans. In fact, after training our body needs more than just protein and carbohydrates to rebuild. “We need minerals such as iron and magnesium, especially vitamin B, to give our body a good chance to adapt and prosper after training,” said strength coach Alice Miller, who has been a vegetarian for five years. Years. “The best way to do this is to focus on eating a rainbow – different colored vegetables are your friend because they are packed in different microbes. Vegans can’t easily get into their diet for B12.

Adams, now a brand-based Alpro ambassador, realizes that fortifications are one of the most important things to consider. “When choosing herbal alternatives, it is best to go with supplements such as calcium and vitamins D, B2 and B12.”

Listen to your wishes

“Five years ago, I lost my gallbladder and could not eat meat after surgery. That’s when I started eating plant-based diets, ”said Chalo Hudley, a Jamaican Olympic team champion. Matching this with her body was crucial to her vegan journey. We are very good at ignoring what our body wants, but listening to what I want means I can satisfy myself with a plant-based diet.

While veganism may seem overwhelming, Adams has found more ways to nourish her body than she did on her Olympic diet. “The transition from a strict diet and training to a balanced, healthy lifestyle has been a real adjustment for me, but I understand that a vegetarian diet is the best way to burn myself. If I had known about it before, I would have thought that I would be able to keep up with my diet during the Olympics.

Keep it simple

Being vegan does not mean expensive supplements and health powder. In fact, it is better to keep things simple, says Adams. “The easiest way to do this is not to overdo it. I changed the meat into tofu and added more vegetables to the pasta, which means I was able to add sweet and nutritious herbal foods to my diet every day.

Consistency is key.

While protein is important after exercise, you can’t just reduce tremors when you leave the gym and finish the day.

“I try to have a protein source in every meal and snack,” Miller said. That is, she spends the day without worrying about her complexity. When it comes to maintaining muscle and strength, the 2018 paper is sure to be a little better and more often than not. International Sports Nutrition Association According to the Journal, 0.4kg-0.55kg of protein per serving is the most effective way to satisfy your cravings. “I find it more effective to distribute many small protein-rich foods or snacks throughout the day, rather than just hitting one large protein in one meal,” admits Adams.

Get help

As athletes, many of these women work with professionals to help them determine what their body needs. “I recommend that you always consult a dietitian to learn how to burn your body properly,” she says. Plant-based eaters may need to supplement some of their nutrients but this should be tailored to individuals so read what you want on sites like The Vegan Society or

We also have strong information for vegans who want to try a vegan-based lifestyle, including the best dairy products and our favorite vegan protein cocktails.

Images: Alpro / Alice Miller