JEDDAH: As mental health issues become more prevalent during the epidemic, people in Saudi Arabia are exploring ways to keep their minds safe with the help of Saudi health coaches.

These trained guidelines help their clients set health goals, mental and / or physical, and teach them ways to change their behavior and lifestyle by embracing a more holistic approach to health over a longer period of time.

Ryan Abdulwahid, a 33-year-old Saudi dentist, has long sought a broader concept of health than meets the eye. This desire eventually led him to become a coach of meditation and breathing techniques.

“I was always interested in topics such as mental, physical, or dietary well-being,” he said. “They always made me curious. However, once I started working with patients, I became acquainted with health. “We were very careful and knowledgeable when we looked at patients, took their medical history and learned about them what we did not know about them. This aspect has helped me to understand my overall health.

Abdulwahid has begun using meditation and breathing techniques, which he says have led to his own discovery over the past eight years.

He added: “Walking through a life where most things are out of our control, my journey has taught me how to control those things and how to improve those things.”

Amal Uthman, 28, has been an energy healer for five years. She found this kind of treatment in her own life. With personal reflection and learning, she began to share the benefits with friends and family.

“I teach them how to hold their bodies and use their energy,” she told Arab News. If they are reunited with their bodies, I will guide them to find real solutions.

Abdulwahid explains that he teaches people something more basic – his coach starts with proper breathing and techniques on how to do this.

We live only to live… but we do not use all the capacity of the respiratory system. Then we go to bed. ”

Changing the way we breathe can relax the body, keep our mind focused, change our emotions and reduce the effects of stress, and boost our body’s self-healing power.

In the early stages of the epidemic, he trained the Saudi community and began testing the water.

“Online training has been very helpful because it has helped people to try new things from the comfort of their own home,” he said. “People are hungry for this kind of material. They want to understand themselves, and in particular, move away from a one-size-fits-all approach. The show is there, but everyone is a little shy. ”

Osman also said she was lucky because customers were open to their ideas, and many began to see the benefits and learn more about the healing process to increase their knowledge.

Judy Burchali, a student in Jeddah, told Arab News that she realized the true meaning of health and meditation during the epidemic when she was worried and had difficulty concentrating.

“Ever since I was a child, I have heard him throw the phrase ‘just think’ without explaining why and how.

“When the epidemic broke out, when my anxiety got out of hand, I felt I needed to get rid of everything and that was when I got it and really understood ‘health’.

Surprised, she explained that meditation is an important part of her daily life, since simple words like “salvation” can have many meanings.

“Meditation and caring for your cognitive health is not something you can ignore,” Burchali said. For me, meditation is as important as protecting a wound, going to the dentist, praying, or caring for my skin. He is part of my daily routine.

I understand that anxiety is the opposite of anxiety, since meditation is the most important thing in life.

Meditation is the opposite – when you can empty your mind and when your mind is empty.