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By 2021-2026, the personalized food market is expected to grow by more than 16% CAGR.

Increasing revenue streams in developing regions and rapid integration of digital healthcare technologies are gaining momentum. Major countries, such as the United States, China, and Japan, are creating demand for personalized food products. Increasing consumer awareness to health and better understanding of health and fitness in recent years have been significant factors influencing demand in the private nutrition market in many regions.

Did you know that one of the players in the market, Serager, is offering an InsideTracker platform? The company offers personalized nutrition and fitness plans based on blood tests, DNA and lifestyle habits. The high acceptance of technologies is helping to shape food consumption and health care plans and to shape the food and health care industry.

Amazon Fresh has partnered with Habit to provide custom health plans to consumers. The Personalized Nutrition Forum is a platform for CEOs and founders of innovative personal nutrition and startups to meet potential partners and investors.

Individual catering market registration

A personalized diet market research report includes a detailed breakdown of product, form, implementation, end user, and geography. Dietary supplements and nutritional products have great potential in the Asia-Pacific region. Due to growing health awareness and personal health plans, this segment accounts for more than 52% of APAC’s market share. In developed countries, the incidence of nutrients is about 50% to 70%, mainly by women.

The acceptance of practical food and beverage products has great potential in the European region. Personalized sports nutrition is designed to improve dietary recommendations to improve the direct and indirect conditions that affect athletic performance. In China, the dietary supplement process requires more rigorous testing than in the United States, and requires drug approval.

The availability of compounds such as vitamins, minerals, micronutrients, and other dyes has led to the development of dietary supplements. CAGR is growing by about 14% in the market. The waterproofing solution makes the tablet safe, protective and easy to swallow, so it can be used to cover the tablets, and the use of this solution is growing in the supplement room. Athletes, weightlifters, the elderly, and people with chronic disease may need more general protein intake advice for the development of powder-based supplements around the world.

It is important to eat a balanced diet to maintain a healthy weight and get the nutrients you need for a healthy body. People are turning to personal health advice because they can get clearly designed diet based on the genotype to prevent and treat chronic diseases. Maintaining a healthy weight and eating is important for an athlete. Personalized diet plays an important role in the sports nutrition market. One of the most popular players, DNFT, is offering a DNA-based sports diet.

Companies collect health information or nutrition status through tests or equipment. Interpret the information gathered and provide recommendations for the items according to the user’s dietary requirements. Currently, genetic testing materials are provided directly to consumers through consumer websites, advertisements or the Internet.

Personal advice is increasing for the hospital by improving the patient’s protein and calorie intake and clinical nutrition results. The health care system has shifted from short-term stay in intensive care facilities to more ambitious nutrition education and nutrition treatment to increase global market demand.

Competitive landscape

BASF SE, Herbalife Nutrition, DSM, Nutrigenomix and Amway are among the major suppliers in the market. Private nutrition companies are embracing innovative technologies to take a strong position in the global healthcare industry.

Players are developing a personalized diet with sophisticated product specifications. Players are creating unique value propositions to stay in a highly competitive environment.

Amway, an entrepreneur who runs a health and wellness organization. Using a multi-level model and direct sales strategy, Amway enables the customer to become the company’s product ambassadors.

Key sellers

  • Amway

  • Herbalife diet

  • Nutrigenomix


  • DSM

Other well-known sellers

  • Atlas Biomed

  • DNA Elysis

  • Persona

  • Bacchus Pharmaceutical

  • My husband

  • Health coaches

  • DayTwo

  • BiogeniQ

  • Mental green

  • Helix and Gene

  • Metagenics

  • Baze

  • Gex Science

  • Vyome

  • Zippong

  • Care

  • DNA suitable

  • Vitagen

  • InstaFit

  • Sagittarius

  • Nutrino

  • Feeding 3D

  • Rootine

  • Supp Nutrition

Covered Topics:

1 research method

2 Research Objectives

3 Research Process

4 Boundaries and coverage

4.1 Market Definition

4.2 Foundation year

4.3 Scope of the study

4.4 Market segments

Report 5 estimates and references

6 Market at a glance

7 Introduction

7.1 Overview

7.1.1 Measuring instruments

7.2 Effect of Covider-19

8 Market Opportunities and Trends

8.1 Improvements in personalized diet technologies

8.2 Growth opportunities through collaboration and strategic partnership

8.3 Personalization in the food and healthcare industry

9 Market Growth Stimulators

9.1 Global population of older people

9.2 Consumer attitudes towards a healthier lifestyle

9.3 Focusing on digital health care

10 Market Restrictions

10.1 Strong control environment

10.2 Expensive Dietary Supplements and Diet Plans

10.3 Inadequate data measurement

11 Market landscape

11.1 Market Size and Forecast

11.2 Analysis of the Five Powers

12 product

12.1 Market snapshot and growth engine

12.2 Market Overview

12.3 Dietary Supplements and Recipes

12.4 Practical food and beverages

12.5 Sport Nutrigenomics

12.6 Digitized DNA

13 Form

13.1 Market snapshot and growth engine

13.2 Market Overview

13.3 Tablet

13.4 Kaplel

13.5 Flour

13.6 Liquid

14 Application

14.1 Market snapshot and growth engine

14.2 Market Overview

14.3 Standard Supplement

14.4 Disease-based

14.5 Sports nutrition

15 end user

15.1 Market snapshot and growth engine

15.2 Market Overview

15.3 Direct Consumers

15.4 Health and Fitness Centers

15.5 Hospitals and Clinics

15.6 Institutions

16 Geography

16.1 Market snapshot and growth engine

16.2 Geographical overview

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