Lexington, CA (September 17, 2021) – At home and at work, safety is a top priority. Kentucky University of Human Resources provides security awareness to its employees with a commitment and ongoing efforts to help them thrive. Work life and safety tools and programs offer a variety of opportunities for personal and professional communication and development.

Mental health

Employees can contact a therapist for five free counseling sessions during the fiscal year. These sessions can be used by themselves or by their sponsors. In addition, licensed and certified Work + Life Connections therapists host mental health programs in the fall. Events include a series of careful self-pity series, weekly mixes, and table discussions on important mental health topics.

Personal Finance

At no cost to you, staff can make an appointment for any financial inquiry, whether large or small. There are opportunities for employees who want to learn more about finance, increase their savings, or talk to a professional. Financial webinars are routinely provided by TIAA and Fidelity.

Personal resistance

Our certified health coaches are here to support you. They will not tell you what to do – they will ask you what you want to achieve and then give you the tools, strategies and incentives to help you reach your short or long term goals. Staff can consult a health coach, get help to stop smoking and learn how to improve their sleep habits. Weekly meditation events provide additional opportunities to relieve stress, relax and rejuvenate.


Experienced nutritionists will work with you to find diets that meet your needs. For free EatWell, our staff can contact registered dieticians to help them improve their diet. A 10-week recognizable diet offers a more relaxed and enjoyable relationship with food. And if you are trying to add more vegetables to your diet, you can subscribe to our plant-series series.

Physical activity

Fitness specialists, team members and dedicated fitness center staff can help them achieve their individual fitness goals. Staff can consult in person or online with a fitness specialist and explore our three fitness membership options. You can participate in Virtual 5K with other staff and teachers this fall.

Dynamic work

If you are working on a mixed or distance work program, it is important to understand strategies for success. This fall, UK HR Work-Life hosts virtual workshops to monitor effective day-to-day activities, effectively communicate and share tips on managing work-life boundaries.

From new or future parents to experienced parents, we can all use help to explore parenting and learn ropes. Fall events include monthly virtual parenting workshops and on-site walks and talks. Parents have the opportunity to connect regularly with the UK Working Parents Facebook page and the Microsoft team. UK HR Work-Life can help with questions about parenting resources, including breastfeeding and breastfeeding.

Care of the elders

Our Elderly Care Specialist is here to support staff who provide any type of care for the elderly. Upcoming events include monthly presentations by senior care professionals, monthly support group meetings, and the annual UK Senior Care Conference with psychiatrist Tepa Snow.

Stay connected

Employees can register here to attend free working life and safety events. For more questions, please contact UK Human Resources

Work-life: worklife@uky.edu

Health and safety dec healthandwellness@uky.edu

Benefits: benefits@email.uky.edu