At first, Mona Nemer was not completely sure why Regen Klopp was affected.

It was five years ago that Klopp’s agent met with Liverpool’s Liverpool boss to discuss the idea.

At the time, Klopp was looking for someone to revolutionize the way he was in the club as he prepared for his first full season as manager of the Premier League.

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After the promising results of the League Cup and Europa League finals a few months earlier, Klopp set his fingerprints on all aspects of the football club in the summer of 2016.

And when he was looking for creativity off the field, it was a name that was constantly growing.

“I didn’t know Mona when I was working in Germany, but I heard about her fame,” Klopp says in the introduction to Nemer’s new book, Liverpool Liverpool Road.

“The importance of nutrition for professional athletes is becoming clearer and I want the best for Liverpool Liverpool Football Club.

I asked players, coaches and managers around the world and it kept coming back with the same name – Mona!

With a series of shining tips, Klopp recently met the head of the diet.

It was a life-changing conversation that helped shape Liverpool’s history.

“I was working at Bayern Munich at the time and I did not know Regen Klopp personally,” Nemer told ECHO.

“His agent called me and said, ‘Jurgen likes to talk to you,’ and I wasn’t sure what would happen, so I said yes.

He called me and we had a much longer conversation than I expected and he said, ‘Do you think we can arrange a meeting somewhere?’

So we met in person and there was a fire from the first moment on both sides about what we could get here.

Liverpool Liverpool FC chief executive Nona Nemer has signed his new book at Anfield Club Store, 09/10/21. Photo: Nick Taylor / LCC

“It happened like that and it grew from there. I owe a lot of money for bringing me here.”

Nimmer’s work was praised at Melwood, and later at the XA Training Center, in the inner circle.

Her cutting techniques blend well with the ground-breaking behavior and it is a combination that suits what he feels about the player.

For the past five years, some have viewed her as a mother in training.

The close ties began when Nemmer joined Liverpool Liverpool on a pre-season tour of the San Francisco Bay Area, about 40 miles.

As the stressful summer season began to wreak havoc on the team, Klopp noticed that the players were hanging out at lunch tables more than usual.

They were clearly happy with the choice, the Red Stars were refueling as much as possible, not knowing that the menus in front of them were the work of the new co-worker.

Niemer himself was speaking as Klopp visited Liverpool at the buffet in front of him, before Klopp introduced the new Liverpool leader.

“Everything was in 2016, it was the first pre-season in Palo Alto,” Anmeer recalled after signing for the magazine at Liverpool Liverpool’s official superporter.

So after being with the club for a few days, it was almost a matter of catching up quickly and in the evening all the rooms were there.

The likes of Jurgen, Billy Hogan and Mike Gordon were all there, this is a very special group, and we started talking about nutrition and what you can get and what we can do with it in the club.

Since then, Neymar has helped control Liverpool’s diets and diets, making the menu delicious and enjoyable without compromising the nutritional value of top athletes.

With hunter roasted plums, buttermilk and ‘9.30’ – soy yogurt with gonola and berry – Liverpool Liverpool players crave a little in the ‘international kitchen’ at their Kirkby home.

Probably the biggest challenge for Neymar and her team was when the club decided to enter the lockout period in March 2020 from the British government.

The mood was tense, stressful in Melbourne that mid-March, and Nemer and his team knew they had to be as efficient and creative as possible.

In the early days of those locksmiths, Neymar and her team had to work out, literally, sometimes, for a variety of lifestyles in the Liverpool Liverpool team.

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For example, the dietitian, like West Derby-born Trent Alexander Arnold, like West Derby-born Trent Alexander Arnold, had to help players like Takumi Minamino, who lived alone in a city apartment, with a private family and a strong family support system.

“Immediately our brain was already working,” she recalls. So he said, “Oh, oh … what does it mean to us as a team in terms of performance and all these things?” ”

If something goes wrong, we try to be realistic about what is around us without taking things in stride.

“We quickly realized that this was going to be a long way off, and we had to look at it.”

A series of menus were created on Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and sent to players to keep them as close as possible to the world as they waited for the next move.

Liverpool were top of the Premier League at the time with 25 points, and maintained that level as much as possible when the campaign continued, which finally came three months later.

“There were really diet menus to match their workouts with their home fitness regimes and this was happening to all the players every day,” Nemer said.

And I already knew that some of them would forget their orders, so I had to send them to the team to prepare them, the drivers were assigned food supplies, and after a while I thought I couldn’t do this from the kitchen table. From now on! ”

When gym equipment was sent home to those who needed it, Nemer helped develop a home app to make it easier for players to maintain a balanced diet during those spring 2020 days.

He added: “It was a big challenge for us to take care of single players or players who were not in the UK.

So we try to protect not only the coronavirus but also their mental health and so on.

“Every time the lock went off, we tried to be more creative.

We had family cooking kits to bring the whole family together in the kitchen and we had wonderful weather, so we had BBQ packages.

We have learned a lot and tried to adapt as much as possible.

With teams from players such as Japan, Brazil, Africa and various parts of Europe, Nemer says her team’s plan should always be as creative as possible with the food at the XA Center.

“Ever since I was at the club, we have been creating innovation in the field of menu planning.

We like to use international kitchens. It’s great for us because everything keeps us colorful.

The official Liverpool Liverpool LC book published by Breach Sports The Liverpool Liverpool Lway Taste is now on sale at the LFC online store or to access