Pole vaulter Chris Nilsen poses with an American flag over his shoulders.

Build Your Foundation with Your Bull The South Dakota Bull Industry Council is a partnership with the Sanford Sports Science Institute.

The message of the program was to support the world champions at the Tokyo Olympics, one with a gold medal and the other with a silver medal. At the same time, the program provides a plan for young athletes that will serve as a building block on the road to a healthier lifestyle.

If beef works for athletes competing in the Olympics, in other words, it can work for you.

“We have Sanford nutritionists, researchers and medical professionals,” said Tayen Munsey, assistant scientist / manager at Sanford Research. . “Then you have top athletes who say, ‘This is the food I eat.’ This is part of my training time and this is part of my plan. I can point out how I can eat what is important for my success.

The medal supports beef

One of the athletes invited to the event was former South Dakota Walta Walter, who won the Tokyo Olympic silver medal at the Tokyo Olympics on August 3. Kathy Nagetete won a gold medal in the women’s pole vault.

Former NCAA champion Nelson, who was one of the nation’s top performers in the Olympics, did not take health care seriously when he started making his mark as an athlete.

This Kansas City, Missouri native has been a strong supporter since then.

“We believe that beef is the biggest protein you can have, especially as an athlete,” said Nelson, who set a personal record of 19 feet, 7 inches – at the Tokyo Games. “When I was a young college student, all I could say was, ‘I’ll eat chess and other junk and I’ll be fine.’ But I came to realize that the more you want to do, the more you want to do. That includes sleep, training, diet, and recovery. Our favorite thing about meat is that it can not only prepare you for great accomplishments but also help you to recover later.

Build Your Base Launched as an idea to promote and introduce cattle traits to young athletes. By doing so, the message will reach the parents and finally the family dinner table.

Sanford Health was a good partner in that census.

“Not only is there a lot of credibility in the world of health, but also in the world of sports,” said SDBIC CEO Suzy Gept. We felt that we could marry the highest quality protein and research in the bull industry with the reliability and health of athletes. It will be a strong partnership. He proved that to be true. ”

Experience of Olympic experiments

In the same U.S. track and field trials in San Diego, where Nelson was eligible for a trip to Tokyo, Sanford Power certified athletic trainer Jenny Dalland represented the Sanford Sports Science Institute and built your foundation.

“Nutrition is always on the minds of athletes and coaches,” says Dalland, who works with distance runners. We were seeing some of the best athletes in the world at the Olympics – sports nutrition is big for them and they do their best to get an edge.

In addition to Nelson and Nagete, the women’s hammer throw Diana Price also adjusted to its construction base program and headed to Tokyo.

Dalland was part of that whirlwind of joy that she had never experienced before.

Citing Dallaland’s US record-breaking effort, Dallaland said: It was great to know that all of our athletes were doing well at that high level and are now going to the Olympics.

A.D. Launched in 2018, it has added brilliant accolades such as Nielsen and Nagette to its ground-breaking efforts.

The bull program has grown

First, Build Your Base Includes 10 high school football programs in South Dakota. Over time, the campaign has included its own website with dietary advice, education, meal planning and recipes.

Since then, the program has expanded to all sports and to other schools. The number of participants has shifted from 27 of 2019 schools to 35 by 2020. By 2021, 51 high schools will participate in four college programs – the University of South Dakota, the University of South Dakota, the University of Augustana, and the University of Black Hills.

“We’ve seen a lot of famous athletes already include beef in their diet,” says Munsey. “It was not a matter of changing or persuading them. They may not know all the benefits, but then learn about it and understand the program correctly. It is very important to pay attention to your diet at a young age and include foods such as beef.

In the Middle East, where the availability of agriculture is prominent, delivering a positive message about the benefits of beef farming has many goals.

“Build your base with an ox is an infrastructure program,” says Jepperp. “When you look at the Sanford and Bull community, this is very important for both us, as well as the health and well-being of the people we work with. Whenever you can combine those efforts and develop something together, it strengthens the program.

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