One of the key goals for the TCA is to get all riders on the same track as healthy athletes. A.D. Since its inception in 2017, the Alliance has provided educational webinars and advice to passengers on health, safety and nutrition issues. Now, they are working with Superpins to make this a standard in their new ‘care framework’.

We all decided to come together and how we could do this more. So not only is the information in the ad, but really try it and set a minimum for female professional athletes.

“What the TCA can do is create resources, facilitate them, and educate them all to enable riders to make more informed decisions. And then all we have to do is advocate and collaborate with UCI and its teams to bring these laws.

One of the key behind the initiative is Judith Hadum, a dietitian with 15 years of experience working alongside professional cyclists. She has been with TCA for three years and will be part of the framework to consult with drivers on their food needs. Hawdum, as well as Drops-Le Col team doctor and retired rider Claire Rose and retired pro and advocate for women’s athlete health Nicki Brammeyer.

By facilitating this program, we need to engage such key professionals and veterans, ”said Brown. “So it was questioned by the passengers, and then it was applied by them. So this is exactly what Peloton wants. Participating in this is a very difficult sport, and by placing these minimum requirements in place will ensure that everyone is still highly competitive, but safe. ”

But it is not just drivers who hope to teach the framework. In many of our surveys, we have seen that riders may be pushed into a race when they are injured – that is tremors, or physical injuries – or mental health, ”Brown said.

“You really need to train team managers, coaches, sports directors. We were looking at the requirements to become a sports director, and according to UCI, they only need to take a driving test. Do these qualifications also require part of a woman’s health and physiology? Even the list of minimum medical check-ups for UCI tour groups does not include many female-specific cases.

This is partly because Supersapiens General Manager Phil Southland is hoping for the energy management tool. In addition to funding the initiative, Supersaps hopes to provide valuable research on the health of female athletes. “The only thing we are starting to see in the data is changes in the glucose response to food and training at the menstrual cycle,” said Southland. “Accessing glucose information and helping women understand when they need a lot of carbohydrates can help alleviate some of the mental burdens that come from trying to find more fats and proteins depending on different stages of the cycle. Seed weight. ”

For Hawdum, the purpose of the framework is simple: “Our goal is to have healthy riders on the starting line, but it must be supported by the UIC,” she said. Currently, the UCI only requires such low standards for WorldTeams, making continental teams vulnerable, but Hawdom and TCA partners hope to achieve a reduction. Buy another one, because in the end, if you have a healthy rider, you will see the benefits.

In practice, Brown explains, the framework takes the form of an online platform where drivers can access all the information and services they need. However, she said, “Our best view is that this is a conference before each season begins, but then we need UCI on the board.” There are ongoing discussions out there about how that roadmap will come to life and trying to get their purchase: that would be fun.

Discussions are under way between TCA and UCI over the implementation of the framework, but hopefully the governing body will implement the recommendations and use the information that TCA provides to create a better environment for women professionals. “Ideally, the UCC should support this and that it is important to be healthy on the starting line and not to support these unhealthy conditions that many riders find themselves in,” he said.

“Starting this initiative now, with the help of Superpins and the press talking about him and key stakeholders in the sport, we can take him to UCI and work with him on a road map. … We start this ourselves for the first time, because we can definitely start with the first component of a driver’s education resource. And then we try to bring UCI to the board if there is a clear need for food.

More information about the Bicycle Alliance Duty Care Framework is available on the Alliance website.