Build better people through participation

The goals of the Colorado High School Activities Association are to provide students with meaningful participatory experiences. Competitive modeling forums encourage student-centered activity; And provide leadership to public and private high schools for CHSAA 360 members.

“High school athletics and activities will continue to be an integral part of every community. Local and national businesses, such as the participation of corporate sponsors, not only provide support to participating students, but also provide the resources needed to run these programs. Organizational participation in these activities is a win-win situation. The students have the necessary resources for their education and corporations are supporting the children of their neighbors, workers and communities, ”said CHSAA Commissioner Ronda Blanford-Green.

“CHSAA Marketing Initiative strives to partner with corporations that reflect the core values ​​of membership, academic competition, team leadership development, sportsmanship and equal opportunities.

Wilson Sports Equipment
, One of the country’s largest sportswear manufacturers, is the official “ball” company for the CHSAA State Championship. Wilson also provides financial support to support the movement in the movement.

47Les Shoab Tire Centers, One of the fastest growing, community-owned family-owned companies in the country, is a long-time partner of CHSAA. Known as Les Showab Tire Centers, the “Modern Tire Dealer” is the most respected independent tire store chain in the United States. Les Showab is proud to support the exciting new program called the Lesh Shoab Month of the Month, which is passionate about supporting schools in the communities it serves and rewards teams for excellence in the classroom and in their communities. It is an online high school sports destination that provides the most comprehensive high school sports coverage with the latest news, analysis, ratings and streaming content. is partnering with some 35,000 Varsity coaches across the country to cover every high school team, game and player. Part of CBS Interactive and, was founded in August 2002 and is headquartered in Cameroon Park, California. For more information about and the latest high school sports news, results, and expert analysis, please visit MaxPreps is CHSAA’s official statistician and results partner.

Vendy Restaurants, KOA and CHSAA are joining forces with additional scholarships and recognition programs for Colorado high schools and their students. The program recognizes both athletics and activities. Wendy is adding another dimension to his commitment to community access. Wendy recognizes outstanding students for excellence in athletics, local fundraising events, and the hot shot program.

51Dairy Products MAX Colorado High School joins CHSAA to provide up-to-date and up-to-date health news for students, and is a nutritional resource for coaches and athletes. Every week, Dairy MAX provides useful nutrition tips for parents and students at Dairy MAX provides significant support for the safety of Colorado students.

52Advanced Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Specialists It is an association partner that provides sponsorship funding and medical professionals to ensure the safety of our participants. AOSMS provides excellent care for our regional champions and is developing an educational program designed to assist coaches in their work by creating a safe play environment for even 107,000 student participants in Colorado.

53The Cooksky brothers It is the official supplier of state championship programs, T-shirts and souvenirs. You can buy it online at

Wallace photograph He is the “Official” CHSAA State Championship Team and Action Partner.

55United States Army It is another CHSAA corporate partner that provides support to our region’s student participants in 29 athletic and non-athletic activities. Since 1775, the US military has proven itself necessary to protect the American people, protect our country, and advance its interests around the world.

56The spirit of Varsis For many areas, the success of the CHSAA partnership has been more than a decade. They support state spirit championships, as well as other CHSAA events.

58Herf Jones It has enhanced the student experience for over 100 years. Herf Jones teams are committed every day to celebrating the greatest accomplishments of life for students, schools and the communities around them. From factory labels, class rings, academic reels, fine paper products, diploma products and championship rings – Herf Jones is by your side.

59BSN Sports He is proud to be the official sponsor of CHSAA Team Equipment and Clothing. BSN would like to thank all of our Colorado coaches who are truly at the heart of the game. Although BASN excels in arming athletes, coaches are better at arming life, and that is the end result. Learn more about how BSN saves you time on the field or in court, as it gives you more time to influence student-athletes.

Beyond Divide Athletics Provides all state championships, regional and district trophies, ribbons and medals for the CHSAA State qualifiers. They also sponsor the association’s table and wall calendars. Over the Divide offers a new look at regional trophies and awards.