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Chile Sleep / Parent Company Creo, Inc. , Has announced the launch of three sleep education forums for professional and consumer markets.

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Sleep Technology Leaders’ Star-supported 5 Day ‘Back to Sleep’ Test, 6 Week Consumer Sleep Program and Professional Sleep Trainer Qualifications (Photo: Business Wire)

The “Return to Sleep” test taught by the Free Star

The challenge is to “go back to sleep” to encourage people to regain their health. This 5-day live event runs from September 27, 2021 to October 1, 2021.

The goal of a free sleep challenge is to improve the way millions of people around the world sleep – by initiating sleep activities, creating community, and inspiring participants through unique accountability and behavior change.

It has compiled a list of ChiliSleep star-enhanced health + safety professionals who share some strategies to teach people how to get a good night’s sleep. One of the distinguished speakers Molly McGlocklin, Creator Sleep is a skill And the host Sleep is a talent podcast.

“I share the right steps that people need to take! We, as a community, work together to restore our health. I look forward to reaching more people to escape the cycle of sleepless nights and tiring days, ”said McGlollin.

They are other event speakers Michael J. Brace, Ph.D. (aka, “Sleep Doctor”), David Nurse (NBA / Elite Performance Facilitation Coach), and Kelly Starter (Physical Therapist, New York Times Best author, speaker and CrossFit trainer). The 60-minute free trial begins Monday, September 27. Participants can register here:

Sleepme 6-week course for consumers

Sleep training is a new program that helps people who are struggling with their sleep quality – they can’t easily fall asleep or can’t sleep. Recognizing that quality sleep improves overall health and well-being, Chlister’s upcoming 6-week consumer program provides the necessary framework for better sleep.

“The course focuses on creating positive behaviors for those who want to experiment a bit and try new strategies that improve their sleep quality and relax! Students not only learn about sleep but also learn about their own sleep patterns and how they can improve their overall health. Tara Younglow.

In the main modules of the program, students learn about the three main pillars of sleep – environment, behavior and knowledge. Students also learn to reduce stress and the importance of thinking; Light, sound and temperature; Analyze sleep patterns, and understand cognitive productivity.

The first 6-week Consumer Sleep Program – scheduled to begin October 11, 2021 – will be fully available online. Participants can register here:

A certified sleep training course for health and wellness professionals

Presented at the popular Health and Safety Education Forum, Inspire 360, this new course offers certified professionals 12 hours of continuous credit (CECs). This course offers CECs through: National Sports Medicine Academy, Athletics and Fitness Association and American College of Medical Medicine. NASM 1.2 / AFAA 12 / ACSM 1.2.

Participants in this course will learn everything from chronotype and physiology to dietary supplements, cognitive focus, anatomy words, and sleep design. For those who hope to improve their health and well-being, this master’s course highlights the most important pillars of sleep science, recovery, well-being and longevity.

We are sleep scientists and we work hard in the world of sports performance and safety. We know that powerful coaches create powerful clients. This new e-learning opportunity will do more than provide continuing education credits: few of these coaches will be provided with new, essential equipment in their coaching kit. ”

Professional training courses are offered entirely online. Participants can register here:

About Chile’s sleep

Chile sleep ® It is a product of sleep technology that improves health and well-being through clinical research and drug-free sleep therapies to improve sleep quality. As the world’s first inventors of the world’s first hydro-energy, temperature-adjusted sleep system, Chilster is revolutionizing the way the world sleeps. Chili sleep products cool down to 55 ° F and allow users to quickly fall asleep, fall asleep and rest! Chile’s Sleep-Winter Bed Cooling Systems, Cube ™ and OOLER®, consistently outperform the competition in the top-of-the-line mattress. Consumer Reports OOLER rated 5/5 and # 1 overall, with Cube ranked # 2. Crio, the parent company of Chile Sleep, is a subsidiary. , Was founded by Tara and Todd Younglow and is currently in 2020 Inc. It ranks # 615 on the list of 5,000 fastest growing small companies. For more information, please visit

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