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“Defeat the perverse.”

If you listen to college football podcast Dan Rubenstein on Solid Verbal, you know this phrase because it is repeated many times in the first few weeks of the season.

Winning college football is not an easy task for even some of the best teams in the country. And in a year when there are very few superpowers, everyone and everyone (except Alabama) has the ability to sleep in a small group.

These types of games are not fun and you often feel a little more anxious about what you get into later. That feeling is natural, but it doesn’t happen all the time because it happens so often. We can be sure that the coaches will be watching the game closely for a long time and will be ready to correct some mistakes in the coming weeks.

Clarks are inevitable and BYU did enough to save them.

So let’s move on to the power levels accordingly.

Week 4 Power Levels

10) Mason Wake

We all love obstacles. There is something special about a giant gentleman floating above the surface of the earth and seeing the coming defender. It’s hard to understand when you think about physics. An adult should not be able to slide on these poor defensive backs effortlessly. And why these obstacles Mason Wake He made a lot of highlighter wheels, and I came out of this game realizing that his obstacles were slipping on the cake. When you watch his game of meat and potatoes, you can see that the man can take the best of them. He does a great job of clearing the road for half his back and providing protection from passing behind. For a physical person, they do not expect to have soft hands, so it is a pleasure to make these handles look simple. His touchdown may have seemed like an easy six-yard touchdown run but he had to do some tricky fishing on the right side, one defender to escape and get inside. It can be added to a list of things that are not easy, but it can be made to look like that.

9) Ben Baiwater

Have you been in the reserve role and then, due to unforeseen events, were called to the lead? When I was at BYU, my classmate went down from Salt Lake to Provo to meet the man she met at the party a few weeks ago. When she entered the city, the man sent her a message and she could not do it. I don’t know the exact details (and maybe this guy had a legitimate reason) but it was obviously sad that this girl took a long drive just to stop. To alleviate the pain, I offered my services and took her to dinner and then to a party with friends. This was not a sign of complete respect for me, as a girl like her would never say yes in any case (if you hold my slide). Surprisingly, she accepted and we had a wonderful time. I felt frustrated in some parts of the night (let’s be honest) but I like to think I was able to save her at night.

So what does this have to do with it Ben Baiwater? For the past three weeks we have been in a committed relationship Kenan Pili And they truly fell for him. Therefore, it was difficult for us to fully accept the backup when it was damaged, without any accident. What we saw Ben Baiwater Saturday night was not at the same level Kenan Pili But Ben, like me, was more than a service day. He has a lot of shoes to learn and fill, but in his view he is ready to accept that challenge.

8) Chaz ah you

In one of Jeff Hansen’s articles yesterday, Chaz mentioned that he played BYU’s defensive passes on Saturday night (which is supposed to be 58% higher in Utah). So what did he do with the limited traps? This may seem like a simple answer, but he is ready. Most other players may not be physically or intellectually prepared when asked to return to the safety and back line. Those positions are very different and if you are asked to play both, you will need some skills that are difficult to master. It was not a great game but it is good to see how the coaching staff can use their versatility to help the injured defender. And if you want any solid evidence of why Chase made the rankings this week, check out this forced blast. Dude made a textbook joint and untied the ball. Next time someone will be there to run that thing for six.

7) Pepe Tanuvasa

The defense didn’t have many bright spots, especially in the second half, but I noticed that every time something good happened, Pepe was in the mix. I was worried that he would stick around like a twin (not too big to be a DL and a linebacker but he will start to find a place in the defense. .

6) Tyler Alger

This shows the exact reason why Jeff Scott And UFF’s offense was in the middle of the second half – they didn’t want to hurt the players. And what we are talking about is injury Tyler Alger. He only got 15 riders on the bulls and you can tell they weren’t happy to see him take each game handle. He had no breakable runs (he was 14 meters tall) but he was still penalizing and averaging 5.7 yards per carry. Tyler’s beatings were dangerous to the USF’s defense, and they were willing to sacrifice as much time as possible for their health and safety.

5) Payton Wilgar

Great players like Payton have a way of making everyone around them look better. At the beginning of the first quarter, the USF Petten ran into a field-wide corner game. Roadblocks and junctions went down the line to clear the road, but Pyton found a way to catch both blocks and slow down the race. This is allowed Ammon Hanman To set the coordinates correctly on the address line. Payton is not considered a boxer for such a game but puts other players on the team to succeed. That’s why this guy is a captain and a player who will get some long views from the NFL Scouts in the future.

4) Uka ka Nakuwa

I doubted how good it would be when Pro Ka arrived in Provo? I was concerned at this point that the progress and the fact that it would really contribute significantly to the bevy of experienced receivers in the classroom? no I do not! I was not. I have no doubts about any player in this football team and it was finally proved wrong. I was always right and I had the courage to admit that I was wrong, even if it wasn’t me. For any boat load, however, it still plays a very smooth game. Many high-powered people seem to have beaten gallons of energy and are unable to control themselves completely. Nakuwa slides on the football field, which is frustrating for defenders trying to walk.

3) Gun Romney

The first game of the season did not take a single shot. He scored three passes and touchdowns for 13 yards in the second game. He increased his total of six points, 96 yards and touchdowns against ASU last week. And then he was able to regenerate his product with five handles, 119 yards and touchdowns. Now if my professional math is correct then the gun will stop receiving 587 yards in the game against the USC, isn’t that all crazy? Okay, this may not be, but it’s still good to see him back in 2020. There are no shortage of options for quarterbacks and when they are all healthy and productive they will be able to resist defensive backs.

2) Bayler Romney

Please, I miss the quarterback controversy in any discussion. That phrase is because one group differs from the other in the fact that even when promising clicked artists try to increase their numbers and are guaranteed, there is no quarterback. BYU has no quarterbacks, they have quarterbacks. They are blessed with two highly talented players who can compete at a high level and beat quality opponents. In order to avoid any drama, the coaches can decide what is healthy or what is best to start with.

I can definitely see how some people watched the game on Saturday and started thinking about Bayler going forward. He played well and did everything we asked of Statier to get some amazing deep balls. Having such depth is a blessing and I prefer to honor Him rather than ask how it will work in the future.

1) Attack line

Over the past five years, college football has produced two of the best attacking units in the country: Oklahoma and Clemson. Sonons and tigers lived by lighting the scoreboards and lighting the teams off the field. In fact, all the attention went to Hessman’s winners and first-round picks. Make no mistake, for these teams quarterbacks and talented players have been excellent in the business. So in the four weeks of the 2021 season, why can’t these two teams, the 5-star quarterbacks and the talented players move the ball to the P5 teams? The offensive line has fallen off the cliff. Leopards can’t defend DJ Ugaleley to save their lives and the Sonons can’t clear the lines for their running backs.

So BYU moved from that Wilson and then replaced Yaren Hall With three games to go without losing a game, you know the offensive line plays a significant role. There were dramas when Bailor came back and had enough time to paint his own apple curry before making the throw. And then there were the holes Tyler Alger He had to pass. Scary wide.

If the offensive line continues with such dominance, then we don’t have to worry about who will be behind Maekelawi.