new York, August 24, 2021 / PRNewswire / –WW International, Inc. These results indicate that the WW digital program is capable of achieving even the most disruptive behavioral and environmental barriers and even disruptions related to COVID and other stressful life events. Preliminary survey data suggest that COVID-19 poses behavioral barriers to effective weight management, but this is the first study of how the COVID-19 epidemic in the commercial digital weight management program has affected weight loss.

“Regardless of the epidemic, these findings are incredibly relevant, because we know that life is always stressful and this can sometimes detract from our focus on health and well-being,” said the chief epidemiologist. Gary Foster, PhD. These findings can provide comfort as people move forward.

With 1.5 million WW digital members, the Real World Analysis Digital Weight Management Program is the largest study. The study assessed the initial weight loss and participation of members during the 30-week enrollment period following the onset of the 2020 pandemic and compared the data to those who joined in the same months in 2019 (control group).

Research results show:

  • There was a slight reduction in weight loss in the COVID group during the first 7 weeks after the epidemic returned to pre-covide levels.
  • A slight reduction in food tracking in the COVID group, but then return to pre-covide levels for the first 3 weeks.
  • There is no difference in weight and movement control at any time between the 2 settings.

Weight loss and loss of participation may be due to the initial shock of the system, increased anxiety and depression; And discontinuation of healthy practices at the onset of the epidemic. After that initial, seven-week epidemic, there was a resurgence of members focused on developing healthy practices in the “new standard”.

All WW digital members can now follow myWW + program, The most private program in the world to date. With a more rich, more interactive and personalized application experience, myWW + offers a plan that best suits them with a variety of tools designed to help you lose weight. The program is based on a scientifically proven approach to weight loss and nutrition and is based on the SmartPoints® system and Zeropont ™ foods. For 11 consecutive years, the World Health Organization (WHO) has been ranked “Best for Weight Loss” at the top of the list. American News and World Report Best nutrition standards.

The results are published in September 2021 Print edition Obesity And will be funded by WW International2018-03-01. A draft of the study can be found at PubMed.

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2018-03-01 Bulaard T, Medal A, Retort C, Guardian GD. The impact of the CVD-19 epidemic on the first weight loss program of the digital weight management program – a natural experiment. Obesity. 2021 May 19

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