Baltimore, March 24, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Medifast, Inc. OpetaBy VIA®, To find out more about trends in dietary priorities and challenges, a survey was released today. As we mark the one-year anniversary of the epidemic in the United States, many Americans are focusing on the importance of working for better health and well-being as part of a successful diet.

The study surveyed 1,426 American adults, * and although most people (84%) prioritize healthy eating over the past year or more, many are facing challenges in doing so.

Nine out of ten respondents (89%) reported nutritional needs. However, 56% say it is difficult to eat healthy, Especially at home. In fact, more than half of all respondents (53%) were often at home during the epidemic, allowing them to eat more and / or healthier, and often the main reason for not eating healthy. Coping with cravings.

Other popular discoveries include:

  • Just like last year or more, 72% of those who prioritize diet say they are doing this to improve their long-term health.
  • More than one-third of respondents (35%) were overwhelmed by all the information on the topic of nutrition.
  • The main reasons why American adults make healthy food choices are small, realistic goals (47%), experimentation with new, simple recipes (39%) and meal preparation (38%).
  • Education plays an important role in overcoming the problem of eating disorders, he said, adding that half (47%) of all American adults learn how to establish healthy habits and / or learn more about healthy eating can help them make healthy food choices.

A supporting verse
Dan Chard, Chairman and CEO, Medifast
“Over the past year, most Americans have realized the importance of proper nutrition for their overall health, even though many are still struggling with where to start or how to stay consistent. It is often an unsupported link – which is why our model sets itself apart OpetaVIA coaches in the middle of everything we do. We believe that the latest push behind our coaching development can not only help people to eat healthily, but also help those who need help to develop healthy habits in all areas of life.

To overcome the obstacles that many face in eating healthy, OpetaVI provides a proprietary system based on healthy practice creation, medically proven plans and scientifically developed products – all reinforced by coaching and community support.

About Medicare®:
NYSE: MED is one of the fastest growing health and safety communities in the world. OpetaBy VIA®, Provides coaching and community support to help scientists achieve scientifically improved products, medically proven plans and lifelong transformation, one healthy habit at a time.®. Based on nearly 40 years of experience, Medifast has redesigned live sales by combining the best features of the model. Thousands of independent communities OpetaVIA coaches teach clients how to develop holistic health practices through health ownership practices® Transformation system. Medifast sold second place in the New York Stock Exchange List of the fastest growing companies in the FORTUNE 100 by 2020. The company is also named Forbes 100 most trusted companies in the United States in 2017. For more information, visit or

* Method:
All numbers, unless specified, are from YouGov Plc. The total sample size was 1,426 adults. Field work was carried out between the 22ndD-23rd February 2021. The survey was conducted online. The figures are weighted by all American adults (ages 18+). The error margin for this survey is +/- 3% with 95% confidence.

SOURCE Medifast

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