This past year has been a frustrating one as we visit the epidemic and neutrality. As we looked for ways to get help online to cope with stress and other health issues, many Latinos came forward to support women in need. While universal health coaches, such as Jessel Schreiner, provide services in nutrition and self-care, others have shown how and at least women like Melissa Alcantara practice at home and are motivated. Many of our Latin people share their personal stories and use their experiences and knowledge to guide us through these difficult times. Here are 10 Latinos working on health and wellness to help women of color live their best lives.

Jesse Schreiner

Photo: Instagram / @ giselleschreiner

Jessel Schreiner is the author and creator of the La Vida Organica blog, which promotes clean eating and spiritual well-being. Her mission is to help women understand that food and self-love are the basis for a better quality of life. She is fascinated by the universe and believes that diet really affects emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. Through La Vida Organica, she provides workshops, online tutorials, e-books, and other tools to help women of color create powerful and healthy experiences.

Dalina Soto

Photo – Instagram/@your.latina.nutritionist

Dalina Soto calls herself an “anti-nutrition” dietitian who helps Latina stop eating junk food and feed her body with her favorite foods. Every Latina food knows that food is an integral part of life and Latin culture, and Soto is showing women how to eat healthy in their own food. On her website, she found that only 3 percent of the dieticians in the United States identified themselves as Latino, and she was working to help other Latins in an unrepresentative environment.

Mariel Book

Photo – Instagram/@dr.marielbuque

Dr. Mariel Buke is a comprehensive psychologist and midwifery psychologist who uses comprehensive mental health techniques to help women of color recover from previous traumatic events. She provides healing and anti-racism education and workshops that will empower women. At each workshop you will find e-books, daily journals, soothing meditation sounds, video checks, and self-care gifts.

Milan and Snow

Photo: Instagram / @ millanasnow

Afro-Latina Milana Snow is the founder and founder of the health service, including the seven major chakras and daily practice of opening, healing and supporting meditation for prosperity. She created an online community that is free of judgment and easily accessible to women’s health professionals and resources.

Cindy Ramirez

Photo: Instagram / @ cyndiramirez

Cindy Ramirez-Fulton is a “Queen of the Paddle” and founder of Chilhouse, a one-stop shop for self-care services for your face, body and nails in New York. The brand has spa-inspired products, including their recently launched oils, and is committed to providing accessible and high-quality self-care, especially to young adults who are often unable to afford it. “As a refugee, the son of Estonia [her mother owns Mary’s Esthetics & Cosmetology in Queens], I was raised as a child because of the quality of my mother’s work and the impact it had on customers’ lives, ”she told Marta Stewart magazine. For May, 50 percent of the best-selling self-care clothing will be donated to mental health organizations such as the Tragic Girls Club and half of the story.

Yadira Garcia

Photo: Instagram / @ happyhealthylatina

Certified Integrated Health Coach and Chef Yadira Garcia is the founder of Happy Healthy Latina, a project that provides nutrition education to local communities and highlights local food systems and health imbalances among people of color. Garcia offers monthly community cooking classes and works with community-based organizations to provide free or low-cost fresh produce to New York City residents.

Indira Santana

Photo: Instagram / @ indhiravs

Indira Santaana is a global health coach, health and toxicologist, author Operation Cleaning, And founder of My Security Solutions. She created a unique space for women of color in the Harlem and Bronx, combined with natural supplements, to provide preventive, free, and alternative treatment. Other services include food counseling, cleansing, cleansing, acupuncture and colonies.

Melissa Alcantara

Photo: Instagram / @ fitgurlmel

Melissa Alcantara, Fit Gurl Mel, personal trainer and published author Fitness Gurl – General body rotation. She posts inspiring quotes every day to make it easier for women to follow and follow the exercises that can be done in the gym or at home. Her fitness program is not just about body image, it is about self-discovery and embracing the strengths you do not know.

Candy Calderron

Photo: Instagram / @ candycalderon_

Kandy Calderron is a health professional, certified universal health coach, and founder of “Flow Safety Visit.” She helps women regain their health and seeks to be included in health through her personal visit to Color Women, which aims to provide women with the resources and information they need to live a healthier and fuller lifestyle. She spoke with Hiplatina About the importance of mental and intestinal health during IG Live.

Rebecca Alvarez

Photo: Instagram / @rebeccaalvarezstory

Rebecca Alvarez is a Latin psychologist and co-founder of Bloom, a marketplace for pure sexual security and self-care. Growing up in a Latin family, she told Forbes magazine that she rarely talked about sex, seasons, or recent events. Bloomi’s goal is to help women make better decisions about intimacy and avoid infections from store-bought products.