Many people are familiar with the concept of individual treatment, from the process of seeking independent third party advice that can enhance individual needs in a variety of areas, from conflict management to co-operation. It focuses on strengthening the relationship and fixing any weak areas, which is something that almost all couples can use.

However, it is not the only safe haven for partners to gain a better understanding and appreciation for their relationship and to increase the role of others in it. In fact, an increasing number of married couples are taking part in health coaching.

The health trainer, although popular and much talked about in today’s society, is especially popular with couples. “Health coaches are primarily guides, mentors, educators and accountants who want to improve the overall health and well-being of clients,” said London-based Integrated Nutrition Health Coach Lean Nelson. “Health coaches specialize in behavioral changes and lifestyle improvements, and many specialize in areas such as diet, weight loss, hormonal balance, intestinal health, and sleep.

Apart from batteries, this may not seem like much fun for the average couple, but experts say it can be very effective for couples, especially those who are in good health and well-being. “Not only is good physical and mental health the best thing you can do to support a lasting relationship, but it is easy to achieve lasting health and lifestyle with the help of your partner,” Nielsen said. Taking the time to create healthy, long-lasting experiences for both of you is one of the best investments you can make in your relationship – and one that many couples do not want to do.

Meet the expert

  • Lina Nielsen is a London-based Integrated Nutrition Coach.
  • McKenzie Hatway is a Mindbody Universal Health Professional and Nutrition Coach.
  • Tara Allan is a registered nurse and certified health and nutrition coach.

How health coaching can benefit your relationship

According to experts, look closely at all the ways health coaching can have a positive effect on your relationship.


As Nielsen explains, working with a health coach requires some lifestyle changes that can be difficult without the support of the people around you. There is even more encouragement to continue learning when your partner is also on board. It is not uncommon for health coaches to say, “I am so tired” or “I have not seen any results yet” when working with couples, because there is a high level of accountability. With colleagues, ”said Minkendy, a general practitioner and nutritionist at McKenzie Hatway.

Developing relationships

Working with a health coach can help you develop a deeper understanding of your (and often your) needs, as well as your partner’s needs, explains Nielsen, which allows couples to better understand each other and become a better leader. Improving both health and quality of life.

Establishing new interests

Hataway found that after many couples started health training, they wanted to explore new activities together. “For example, in the past, cooking may have been a partner’s main activity, but now the couple are looking for a restaurant that can prepare meals or accommodate their meals,” she says. I’ve seen couples actually go to the gym and do races and half marathons – activities they didn’t know before, but working with a coach are finding a lot of new common interests.

Achieving goals together

Every good partnership involves celebrating each other’s victories, but having the opportunity to do so side by side is truly unique. It’s amazing to see your partner change mentally and physically in front of your eyes, and to know that you have a positive effect on that, ”Hataway said. There is an added level of happiness when you work together to achieve a goal – knowing that working with this coach and being able to change some aspects of your life is a daunting task.

Managing stress

Working with a health trainer can help each of you better manage stress in your life, which can reduce your risk of weight gain, illness and mental health issues, says Nelson. “Learning to manage stress in a healthy way is not just about improving your physical health and the health of your partner. But it can also improve the health of your relationship and improve stress and reduce stress.

What to expect as a couple to work with a health coach

If you and your partner are interested in finding a health coach who can help you achieve some of your safety goals as an individual and as a couple, here are a few things to look forward to when you start your journey. .

Learn more about yourself than you expected

“Health coaches take a more holistic approach by examining all aspects of your life,” says Nielsen. As you begin to pay attention to your current experiences, you will develop a deeper understanding of yourself, how your body works, and why you have made some helpful choices.

To be open and honest

Health coaches want to have a clear relationship with you. According to Tara Allen, a registered nurse and certified health and nutrition coach, you will get better results when you are more open and honest with your coach. This is because coaches help you celebrate your successes and keep you planning when things go well. And, when you are busy or you don’t feel well, when things don’t go your way, they really go in and train you. However, they can only do this if they open the lines of communication.

Ask lots of questions

A health trainer will ask you a large collection of questions to help you better understand your lifestyle and some areas where you can use some improvements. These questions may range from a daily breakfast to a meditation session.

To receive a ton of support

Health coaches want to support you and stay there as much as possible. “Your coaches are not too many and your questions will always be accepted and supported,” Hataway said. “Your health coach can have real fun working with you, so know that you want to do this and want to support your health and lifestyle changes.”

To record amazing results

Because a health trainer does not focus only on your fitness or diet, some clients think the results will not be as immediate. However, the opposite is often true. “Working with a health coach is important,” says Hatway. “People may comment that your healthy lifestyle is scary, or they may comment on your body or your current diet. But know that everyone is part of the change. ”

To realize that you have more control over your health than you think

Your health depends on the millions of small choices you make each day, your sleep, your choice to engage with them, and how you communicate with yourself. ” Once you start making small adjustments that are more appropriate for your body, you will notice improvements in how you feel, which can easily build into lasting experiences.