The saying, “Put in good, get out well” doesn’t just apply to the food you put in your body – it’s also true for those who take it on social media.

Just as eating nutritious foods can have positive physical effects, so-called “nutrition” can move you forward on your journey to a healthier life.

That said, social media is notorious for displaying unrealistic health images.

Many social media accounts, such as inaccessible images or out-of-the-box salad, can make you feel like a healthy lifestyle for a select few.

However, this cannot be far from the truth.

Instead of following the signs that make you feel discouraged, you may choose to sign up for real-world routes while engaging in honest conversations about the challenges of doing so.

Do you want to make food that reflects your body and mind?

Here are 11 inspiring healthy social media accounts to follow.

Photo Credit – Composton Kitchen

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Stephen and Ellis Comston are not the only couples who like to cook together – they are registered nutritionists.

Their hashtag will tell you everything you need to know about your #HappyDayDay, Healthy and Delicious Daily Foods.

They bring up fun and relevant posts to bring food to the table by combining their experiences with real life challenges by raising young children.

Recipes, especially those with only a few ingredients, are strong. Don’t miss their 4-ingredient tofu sheet-pan meal or 5-item barbecue egg and cheese questionnaire.

Also, be sure to check out your blog for quick and easy recipes.

Budget bytes
Logo design from budget bytes

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Some catering social media accounts show beautiful recipe photos, but when you take a closer look, the details of their products show that they pay a nice penny (Aham… Everything Oil).

Not so with budget bytes! As the name suggests, the social media pages of this food blog provide straightforward, healthy recipes that are unbreakable for the bank.

Bete Monsell, the founder of the recently graduated college graduate, started her blog in 2009 to try documenting your experiment by trying low-cost recipes.

Now, an app that gives you more than 400,000 Instagram followers and recipes all in one place, budget bytes is a great resource for anyone who wants to eat well in small quantities.

Check out Monsell’s content catalog for everything from luxury-food classics to vegan desserts to recipes.

Photo Credit – Accessible Security

(Instagram, Facebook)

As a physical nutritionist, Jackie Silver knows that safety is not a one-size-fits-all effort.

Her helpful Instagram page offers simple recipes, restoration of leftovers and useful 2 minute healthy snacks for people with disabilities — yes, they only take 2 minutes to work!

She provides information on nutrition for a variety of disabilities and chronic conditions.

In addition to the dietitian, Birr is a mind-boggling nutritionist who clearly shows in the post about feeding the mind and moving your mind around food and body image.

Photo Credit – Natasha Kitchen

(YouTube, Instagram)

When your day is a little more fun, go to YouTube and go to Natasha’s kitchen. In your hundreds of videos, Natasha Kravchuk, a talented, well-meaning person, and comedians are sure to make you smile.

In addition to many simple and delicious recipes, Natasha’s videos include step-by-step techniques for more challenging events such as mouse and macaroni.

While not all of Natasha’s recipes are 100% healthy (greetings, shiny donuts), the overall source of happiness is contagious as a source of food. If you want to improve your cooking skills, you can’t ask for a more fun teacher.

Photo Credit – Kids Eat Color

(Instagram, Facebook)

You really want to eat healthy, but what about the kids in your life?

As many parents know, selective diets can be a key factor in even the most demanding meal plans.

Fortunately, chef Jennifer Anderson is behind you.

As a mother to two young men, she knows how to help selected parents find their way to a healthy family.

In a humorous touch, Anderson distinguishes the reality of children’s nutritional needs from fiction. Follow her for snack ideas, information on the exact size of the nursery, and what to do next for Halloween candy.

Photo Credit – Fit Men Cook

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Healthy social media sometimes seems to be a prerequisite for being healthy. But men also want to eat well!

With 1.6 million Instagram followers, Kevin Curry’s fitness men’s cook is an inspiration to people around the world for their social content.

In his diet, you will find many delicious recipes that can still be made.

For breakfast, try the curry simple, lightly sweet peach oatmeal cobbler or his cajun red pepper pasta with shrimp and mushrooms for dinner.

Curry shares his fitness achievements, including triathlon training and even failures, as he tried to do air track yoga. His encouraging, actionable attitude will motivate you to be more active.

Photo Credit – Desilicious RD

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For inspiration on International Recipes, see Desilicious RD by Shazadi Devin.

A Canadian nutritionist with a South Asian heritage, Davy’s food is packed with recipes from around the world to ensure that healthy eating should not be boring or tasteless.

For example, Indian carrot halwa, Lebanese fattosh, and vegan shepherd pie like South Asia are some of the most mouth-watering creations.

While some recipes are somewhat involved, others, such as her own salad dressings and power bites, are happily simple.

Through it all, Davy’s gentle advice leads readers to a more balanced diet and environmentally friendly food choices.

Photo Credit – Real Life Builder


Do you want to have a dietitian friend for direct dietary advice? Real-life nutritionist Miranda Galati is the imaginary friend you are looking for.

Exposed posts continue to record hot-key topics such as toxins, gluten, carbohydrates and refined sugars — and you may be surprised by her expert answers!

In addition, the slogan “All foods are suitable” is an example of the addition of the Galatians food philosophy.

Her diet includes new ways to prepare foods from basic, healthy ingredients. She repeatedly posts “What I Eat This Week” – because who doesn’t want to know exactly what nutritionists are eating?

Photo Credit – Mediterranean Dish

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The Mediterranean diet is popular with many health professionals – and for good reason. However, truly following this anti-inflammatory diet involves more than cooking everything in olive oil.

Born and raised in Egypt, Suzy Karad Hehe grew up cooking Mediterranean food in her mother’s kitchen.

Now based in North America, your card shows what the Mediterranean diet looks like in real life through the healthy recipes on your blog and social media account.

When the recipes are out of the world, most of them are made for beginners and easily accessible.

For example, an uncooked chicken salad is ideal for weekends, but her simple eggs make for a full breakfast.

Need a little extra help in the kitchen? Check out the Kardesh live cooking on Instagram.

Photo Credit – Vitamin RI


Instructor-nutritionist Maria Silvester Terry acknowledged for the first time how unrealistic social media can be.

Vitamin Vision, her Instagram page, aims to help people deal with harmful beliefs on social media and instead develop a positive approach to food.

Her label is a testament to her philosophy that encourages “to get rid of your black and white thoughts and live in a gray area.”

Through her posts and videos, Maria encourages you to be kind to yourself by comparing your health journey with others and realizing that your weight does not determine your value.

For those who want to eat more emotionally, vitamin R is a great place to start.

Photo Credit – Food Paradise

(Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube)

Are you really curious about what it means to be healthy at every level? Need information on easily recognizable foods? Want a slice of zucchini bread? Wendy Lopez and Jessica Jones – registered nutritionists, diabetes educators and best friends – covered.

Their social media channels focus on excluding all body types and cultural backgrounds.

Meanwhile, with the help of other nutritionists and nutritionists, your podcast is a legal health measure, you need to eat organic or non-organic foods, and deal with issues such as how to eat properly on a budget. .

If you spend time on social media, it is important to have a positive and inspiring experience.

Rather than following influences that promote unrealistic expectations or that feed on “dirty” science, it is important to follow calculations that make healthy experiences possible.

While scrolling through your diet may not turn you into a healthy eater overnight, exposing yourself to real (imperfect) people may be the only inspiration you need to take the next step in your health journey.