LOS ANGELES, March 05, 2021 (Globes Newsweire) – There is a trend as professional coaching, and many people find hope and direction to pursue their goals through life coaching.

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These 10 Women’s Life Coaches to Follow in 2021

Our first choice Veronica has created a Bespoke 1-on-1 coach for individuals and organizations. She, like herself, has helped women overcome their challenges and grow into a six-figure profession. At one of the most difficult times in her life, Veronica rose from the ashes. Today she has two children. She is the co-founder of Hudson-International Logistics Company COO and a coaching business that can influence the lives of others in times of stress. Veronica has a unique approach to tailoring the client’s individual and organizational goals. She has been overpaying customers over the years and continues to do so. She designed it 12 Week High Performance Program Where he works compassionately to gain understanding and clarity, to build self-confidence, to master time management and to learn to act without fear of failure.

Our second choice is Kerry Sayer Plant Power Coach. She helps people who are struggling with weight loss on a plant-based diet learn how to drive their body and mind for health and weight loss success. Plant energy transfer. Kerry’s clients have lost up to 12 pounds[12 kg]in 12 weeks and have reduced or eliminated many chronic symptoms. “I help my clients deal with eating disorders, emotional barriers, self-harm, and beliefs, so I can finally help them achieve their weight goals and love their skin,” Karen said. If you are struggling with weight loss on a plant-based diet, contact Carrie. Click here.

Our third choice is Kenya Vernet, Basic Physical (BTP), a founder of the online health and mindset transformation program that encourages women to change their mind and body. The program includes a personalized training program, diet plan, and accountability to help clients get into the best parts of their lives and the attitudes they need to get there. With an educational background in psychology and social work and a desire for fitness and health, Kenya combines the two disciplines to achieve remarkable results, including the reversal of medical issues such as type 2 diabetes and mental health issues, including anxiety and depression. Kenya and BTPP exceeded expectations in the company’s first year, earning $ 10,000 a month from birth and earning an average of about $ 80,000 in the first nine months. Future customers can apply or contact the owner directly Instagram Information about joining.

Our fourth choice is Sandra Posing, a thought-provoking trainer and founder Unshakable, 12-month master of change. She encourages them to unleash their potential and show their dream life of great impact-oriented and developmental success. Sandra, who originally grew up in Scandinavia and California, has embraced the digital nomadic lifestyle and has run her laptop business in 15+ countries since her resume in 2012. Through personal 1: 1 coaching, team coaching programs, and online courses, she has helped hundreds of clients break down barriers, maintain their identities, and create the unusual life they love. As a dynamic and engaging speaker, Sandra also inspires, entertaines, and delights the audience through many discourses, retreats, meetings, podcasts, etc. in companies. over here.

The fifth choice of Spark Fitness and Lifestyle Coach is NASM CPT & Nutrition, a coach with over ten years of experience working with hundreds of different clients. Sarah helps individuals who are struggling to achieve and maintain their health and fitness goals to find the motivation that motivates them and to find the deep meaning behind their desires as they travel to achieve their physical results.

Through the Spark Fitness Coaching App, she provides a unique coaching experience and community to help individuals achieve their performance, physical and lifestyle changes. Clients experience severe physical changes, improved marriages, careers, and overall quality of life. Sarah focuses on internal barriers that prevent people from achieving physical and any success in life by creating a personal strategy and program to achieve their goals with the support of a strong community and the support of a professional coach 1-to-1.
Click to connect with Sarah over here.

Our sixth choice, Lisa Titelman – certified change coach, aka Trailblazer! Her 6-week walk-through program, FYT, focuses on self-preservation, self-love, and healing and finding one’s truth through community. Lisa also offers custom corporate outdoor experiences, FYT licenses and online group programs. After losing her mother to cancer, young Lisa began her journey of discovery and changed her life on foot. Today, Lisa teaches and motivates thousands of people to limit their faith in the healing power of nature and to live a life of joy and contentment. Lisa is also a facilitator and donates parts of the program to The Foundation for Living Beauty in honor of her mother. FYT is a crowded community and has been featured in ThriveGlobal, VoyageLA, Deborah Cobilt Live, KenshoHealth and Palisade Post. Lisa lives in LA with her husband and two children. You can get a copy of Lisa’s e-book – My Top 5 Secrets to Starting a Successful Outdoor Program ”

Our Seventh Choice, Trenna Griggs, is the Executive Director of the Amazing Program and a Certified Health Coach. Train helps individuals achieve their personal health goals and build successful businesses for other health coaches. Traina teaches individuals about nutrition and trains them to gain financial independence and spend more time with their families. Train focuses on personal growth and well-being and specializes in providing the right tools to help them achieve their health goals and business goals at the same time. It is very rewarding to be a part of Train and other people, to see others succeed and to provide constructive feedback so that they do not stop following their dreams. If you are looking for health and safety or are in contact with Trena, click here over here.

Our eighth choice is Dr. Nikki Potigiter, founder Real I coach. With her Open your greatness program, Nicky helps women who are who they are and who they are in the world to gain clarity, purpose, and self-confidence so that they can change all aspects of their lives, both personally and professionally.

Nicki takes a client on a journey of self-discovery to face the challenges of life so that they can enter the world as new women with their potential and deep desires.

Nicki says she has deep and lasting inner changes that allow her clients to be completely confident and to be seen as real. If you feel lost, unfulfilled and want to be yourself, click over here,

Our ninth choice is the founder of Daphne Sores Carroll mothers. She is a business and communications coach and works as an international coaching service for mothers.

Daphne is the mother of two beautiful children. In many international companies, she has gone from 9 to 5 jobs as a housemaid, program coordinator, chief catechist, volunteer and consultant. Daphne is a certified chief catechist, family, crisis counselor, juvenile counselor and psychotherapist, business and relationship coach, and an experienced member of the ICG. She inspires and helps mothers find the right balance in their 1: 1 personalized coaches. Carrots Create and run a life-affirming business without feeling overwhelmed, set SMART goals, build healthy boundaries, and stay in touch with your team and customers for business success. She also works with companies to overcome disruptive leadership in organizations.

Our tenth choice is Kite Sarazin Digital Nomad Life Coach. Kite helps digital nomads and aliens to let go of old ideas and develop relationships with their bodies and minds to create a meaningful life with her.Clean the field and create coach packs.Unlike many other coaches, she emphasizes the importance of physical stress and the importance of systematic pressure in the healing process.

The basic premise with all Cait’s clients is what success and meaningful life mean to them, creating a new business, creating a deeper consciousness, or breaking down old habits and cycles.

Honorable mention

For our eleven choices and honors, Alexis Dondik, freedom means her ability to travel the world and help as many people as possible. With her optimism, warmth, and amazing communication skills, she can easily understand her compassion and clientele. She Special Management It helps to better identify background goals and provide strategies to achieve them. If she spends hundreds of hours exploring cultures, thoughts, styles, psychology, biology, and neurology to better understand life, she will always strive to grow mentally and spiritually. Alexis’ focus is on individual thinking training. From clear goals to developmental thinking, she will be accompanied by an uncertain judge during the program.

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